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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Book review: "The Worst President in History" sadly is

I wish it were hyperbole, but "The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama" is an accurate and well-documented assessment of the 44th presidency.

"Blogs for Bush" (2004) founder Matt Margolis -- an architectural designer by trade -- and Navy veteran and blogger, Mark Noonan, packed their volume with enough evidence (1,105 cited sources) to warrant ten impeachments -- one for each chapter of evidence, from Personal Corruption, to Administration Corruption, and beyond.

I began reading thinking this would merely be a partisan trip through recent history but it is not partisan nit-picking. Much of what they uncovered is eye-opening. They list 200 specific reasons why he is the worst. One example:
121. Illegally  Telling Companies to Postpone Layoffs Until after the Election
When running for re-election, it helps when bad news that could hurt your chances isn’t reported until after the voters have already spoken. Desperate to hold onto power, Obama wasn’t about to let bad news stand between him and four more years as the most powerful man on the planet, even if it meant breaking the law to do so.
A month before the presidential election, Virginia-based defense contractor Lockheed Martin announced that, in response to a White House request, they were delaying layoff notices until after the election. 
We joked about Chicago-style politics, but that was what we wound up with. Obama's power grab and rough style belies the personable, occasionally jovial persona he displays. Their details are great.

Nixon, Grant, and Harding were considered the most corrupt previously. But unlike Obama, they had achievements that offset their cronyism. Nixon aced foreign policy. Grant domestic policy. Harding the economy. But with Obama, you got corruption and bad foreign, domestic, and economic policy.

Other reviews include:

"I've been following the writing of Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan for years and their takedown of Barack Obama is their best work yet. If you want to know why the history books will have a dim view of Barack Obama, this is the book to read." --John Hawkins, Right Wing News.

"The best political book I have read this year."  --Kevin DuJan, co-author of Shut Up!: The Bizarre War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment.

"The legacy of Barack Obama will be increasingly obvious. With every terror attack, every Obamacare failure, and every economic drop, we will witness the pain he has inflicted. Margolis and Noonan can be pardoned for giving us a peek at how bad it will be." --Dick Morris, author of Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation and Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary.

Margolis and Noonan have held up a mirror to American politics. Americans should look at it and admit that really, that was One Big Ass Mistake America made in 2008, and repeated in 2012.

It is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

My new book, "Trump the Press," is equally detailed and researched, as I have a lot of fun kicking the Washington media in the seat of its pants. Pundits were never as wrong as they were in the 2016 Republican nomination process.

They are trying to top that this fall.

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The book also available in Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon.

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  1. Bloggers? Just guys in pajamas in Mama's basement!
    And carefully assembling the data the media won't. Because they're a big part of the problem.

  2. The changes in the health care laws had quite a bit to do with my decision to retire when I did. I ran into a friend last week whose son graduated West Point a decade ago and was leaving the military with an officer rank and giving up his pension because of how Obama has ruined the military. I think each and every Democrat will have to answer in Hell for the suicides of our military, veterans and people of European extraction over the past eight years. Bush may have made some bad decisions, but the military loved him and they certainly weren't cutting their own lives and careers short because of him.

  3. James Buchanan will have to move over.

  4. President Trump's first Executive Order should be to roll back all of the social engineering Obama has forced on the military. That is the main source of low morale and lack of retention in the services. They are not designed to spout that politically correct tripe. - Elric

    1. And there's no way any part of the DOD budget (or any of my tax money) should go for "gender reassignment" surgery which will just result in a nearly 50 percent suicide rate anyway.
      Seems like .gov is just creating an expansion of their jobs programs for psychologists and sociologists.

    2. I agree. And it bothers me that every time I go to the VA clinic the first question they ask is if I've had any thoughts of hurting myself, followed immediately by, "Do you own a firearm?" - Elric

    3. That disturbs me, Elric- do you mind my asking what VA clinic you go to?

      Thing is, I'm in CA, not exactly gun-friendly territory, and have had great care from the VA here (La Jolla near San Diego.)

      No one at the VA here has ever asked me anything about guns; I'd certainly object if they did! I can't recall any questions about "hurting myself" either- there's a recorded message each time I call on the phone, it says to call 911 in case of serious problem, etc, but nothing like what you experience.

      Maybe it's different depending on location?

  5. Jimmy Carter will be pleased to know he moves out of the cellar.

    Steve in Greensboro

  6. One would hope, that with all the black men "allegedly" murdered by Policeman, eventually they would shoot the right one.

  7. One of the few positive things I could say about Hillary Clinton is that she is not a Muslim and does not rhapsodize about the Muslim call to prayer as the most beautiful music ever to hear.

    1. Maybe she isn't a Muslim, but Huma Abedin is Muslim Brotherhood through and through. And look at all the Arab money the Clinton Foundation rakes in. Rachel Avraham had a series of five articles in the Jerusalem Post recently exposing Hillary's Muslim ties over the years. They are substantial. And disturbing. - Elric

  8. Grant was not corrupt. In no way was Grant corrupt. Do your homework. He was guilty of trusting men who were corrupt, but GRant was a man of true heroic character.

  9. Obama deserves the Order of the WPE. Worst President Ever.

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