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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

This election could wipe out Democrats

Hey Never Trumpers, you do realize this election could wipe out the Democratic Party like 1932 walloped Republicans.

At the state and local level, the party is reeling. Republicans control 31 state legislatures, while the Democrats control just 11. The Democratic Party is confined mainly to areas along the Pacific coast, and the Northeast.

Just as George W. Bush successfully flipped West Virginia to the Republican side in presidential elections, Obama has flipped West Virginia Republican in state elections. It had been 82 years since Republicans controlled the legislature.

Thanks, Obama.

Nationally, Republicans control both houses of Congress. They have the opportunity to replace the ethically challenged Ginsburg with a person of scruples, and assure a conservative majority for a generation.

Beating Hillary would give Republicans control of the land they have not had in 88 years. This is the Republican Party's golden opportunity to re-shape the federal government. Donald Trump would freeze federal regulation, roll back taxes, and shrink the government. Republicans could rule for a generation.

So why are the people in Washington who call themselves conservatives doing everything they can to get Hillary Clinton elected? Could it be that these self-promoting Reaganauts have over the decades lost their way? Could they have over time abandoned their positions just as Trump abandoned his position on abortion in favor of baning it again?

Sure, they tell us rubes outside their television studios how they are against taxes, against big government, and against political correctness, but when someone finally arrives to do all that and more, they begin mocking the color of his skin and his hair. These geniuses are so damned smart that for months they mocked his toupee. You know, the one that doesn't exist.

Republicans in Washington stand to gain the power to change the federal government. Maybe that is what they oppose. Like the groom who couldn't get it up on his wedding night, these people are drunk on their own delusions of power.

As Lee Iaccoca said, either lead, follow, or get out of the way.


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  1. The GOP has done well at the state and local levels DESPITE the GOP Establishment in Washington, D.C., which has become Democrat Lite/RINO/Go Along To Get Along. The good folks in flyover country have had enough. Anyone who has been at the public trough for too long is at risk. They know it and they are fighting like mad to keep their phony baloney jobs. They seem to have adopted the attitude that if you're going down in flames you might as well aim for the biggest building. - Elric

  2. FINE fulminating, Big D! The groom line was simply outstanding. Like Herb Brooks' speech right before we beat the Soviets in 80 at Lake Placid: "Their time is done. It's over...THIS is your moment. Now go out there and take it!"

  3. "Like the groom who couldn't get it up on his wedding night, "

    Sure, blame men! They're always the fall guy. It's never the woman's fault. #MLM, Men's Lives Matter.

  4. If only the Republicans would support their candidate.

  5. I do not recall the Republicans having a fit about Mitt Romney because he did not pass some test of constitutional purity. It was four years ago, but I don't recall Romney going on and on about The Bill of Rights and limited government. No, he was good enough and he was the Republican and all that mattered was beating Obama. I don't recall Mark Levin or Hewitt or the Bushes or the rest of the NeverTrump brigade whining b/c Romney wasn't a "true conservative" (whatever the hell that is). He was good enough -- we had to beat Obama. All for one, one for all. Now along comes Trump and he is going to shut down the corrupt immigration machine, scrutinize muslims, and shut down the cheap foreign labor machine. He is tilting at the diversity windmill. As has been noted in many other places, Trump has helped us learn who our friends are (and are not). Trump is an excellent candidate. It is time to tip over the table and start over.

    1. Kinda like Jesus and the moneylenders, not the Trump is anything like Jesus.

  6. If the establishment manages somehow to get Trump beaten they may as well hang a sign on the door to headquarters saying "out of ardor" and go shoot themselves in their heads instead of their feet.

    1. Nicely put.

      I think any dreams they have of rebuilding the party with (pick your fave) at the head will go a-glimmering.

      People will remember who sold them out.

  7. You raise an interesting point, as I've thought this could be a real watershed election.

    The Republican party is showing its first signs of fight - real fight - in a long time and this is definitely a chance to get rid of the Whig mentality of waiting for a few crumbs to fall from the Democrat table as happened in so many cases before.

    One thing is sure - a great many of the new and old collaborators have been exposed and will be shown the door after November.

  8. Don is right. Trump will drive turn out among those who have not voted in recent elections, resulting in a Republican landslide.

    Will these historical non-voters vote Republican down-ballot on Trump's behalf? I think probably most of them will.

    But then will the RINOs that get elected as a result of Trump's coattails (like Ferguson in GA and Marshall in KS) work with Trump?

    I wonder. It would be great if Ryan lost his primary. If not, I think Trump will get as much resistance from his own party as from the Dems.

    Steve in Greensboro

  9. The NeverTrumpers aren't Reaganauts. They're Bush's people. Bush Senior, notoriously, fired everyone in Reagan's administration the very day after his inauguration, and brought in his own fat-cat neocon buddies to run things.

  10. "The Democratic Party is confined mainly to areas along the Pacific coast, and the Northeast."

    Much like lampreys. Also know as the hagfish (see: Hillary).

  11. Whenever I feel like comparing the denizens of the Democrat/NeverTrumper/media nexus to Rainman, I have to remind myself that he could actually do math.

  12. Eeyore here. Feeling kind a' blue.

    Trying to brighten up the day by thinking "Trumps isn't really Hitler. Hillary isn't really the Wicked Witch of the West." Then the reality descends that what the Democrats are really doing is moving the country towards war again. And I'm not sure it matters who wins this election because the Democrats will still be agitating in the streets and every institution they've captured (pretty much all of them). The public school system cranks out what Aldus Huxley called gama's in Brave New World, indoctrinated to serve their Alpha masters and thankful for the scraps that are bestowed on them.

    The Democrats tore the country apart and it's greatest days came after. It survived the depression and its greatest days came after. It stood as the Arsenal of Democracy against the Progressive Empires and its greatest days came after. I know this. But I don't see it. The future is dark. If the Democrats/Progressives succeed in destroying the very social status of the United States, which is their goal. If they destroy the spirit of enterprise that raised the entire world out of poverty, where are the greatest days to look forward to?

    People are renouncing the US citizenship in record numbers. People are committing suicide in record numbers. I suspect I know why. The real goal of Hope and Change is to break people with hopelessness. Evil is ascendant in the World today.


  13. "So why are the people in Washington who call themselves conservatives doing everything they can to get Hillary Clinton elected?"

    It's a cute talking point, attempting to scare people who decided they can only abandon their principles for pragmatism just so much. Trump has not earned our vote. He's a fake Republican. You want our vote? Earn it. You assume it.