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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Obama owes money from his 2012 presidential campaign

Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign received a very special edition of the National Review in which its writers stood against Newt, as the choir of NR writers is always more comfortable going after Republicans than going after Democrats.

Now Newt's campaign debt from 2012 is making the news. I have no idea why. It certainly is not an interesting story.

From Huffington Post -- the source authority this summer for the Never Trump movement:
Gingrich filed a document with the Federal Election Commission this week detailing a debt settlement plan to finally terminate his 2012 presidential campaign committee. The document shows that “Newt 2012” plans to stiff 114 businesses and consultants that are altogether owed $4.6 million.
While the FEC general counsel found reason to believe the allegations in the complaint, the six commissioners split along ideological lines in a 3-3 vote, it did not penalize Gingrich. Instead, the campaign agreed to file a debt settlement plan and terminate in 2016. The plan was originally due on May 23, but Gingrich was granted an extension until August 1.
The debt settlement plan document indicates the “total amount to be paid to creditors” is zero dollars.
This is not uncommon. Politicians love to stiff vendors. This is why smart printers demand cash up front for signs and the like.

But the Huffington Post buried the lead in paragraph seven:
It’s common for political campaigns to wind up in debt that takes years to pay off ― President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign still owes $725,583, down from nearly $2 million two years ago ― but Gingrich owes an unusually large amount from his battle with Mitt Romney in the 2012 Republican primary.

Obama raised a record amount for a re-election effort -- $722,393,592.

And that still wasn't enough?

By the way, Obama spent $1.5 billion in his two presidential campaigns. Incredible.

And still he owes on those campaigns.


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  1. Your title and the text had me confused until I got far enough in. Reminded me of this:

  2. NRO has jumped the shark with their continued vitriolic attacks against the Republican nominee Trump. They've further isolated themselves and made themselves irrelevant by now allowing only comments using Facebook on their site - Facebook is spurned by many if not most conservatives as being left-leaning. NRO has aligned themselves implicitly with Hillary, in effect, and some of them explicity.

  3. If it is anything like the Clinton 1992-1996, 2008 and Mondale campaigns from 1984, they can kiss that money good-bye. Unfortunately, I was a victim of that. Never a Democrat given credit by me, never, ever again.

  4. This is not uncommon. Politicians love to stiff vendors. This is why smart printers demand cash up front for signs and the like.

    Gingrich has the wherewithal to get the money needed to repay his campaign debt. He should have no other option before the law. He wouldn't qualify for bankruptcy.

  5. I do believe that Crooked Cankles stiffed a lot of vendors from her unsuccessful 2008 run. I wonder why that wasn't mentioned? Hmmmm? Bueller? Anyone?