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Friday, August 26, 2016

Neutrality in the face of evil is in itself evil

In 1960, William F. Buckley Jr. and his National Review refused to endorse in the Nixon-Kennedy race, seeing little difference between the two. This helped the Democrats regain the White House and keep the Senate, which they had won only two years earlier after six years of a Republican Senate. Democrats would control the Senate for 22 years.

Nixon lost and by the time he became president, liberals Byron White and Thurgood Marshall were on the Supreme Court, Medicaid was the law of the land, and the Great Society was turning cities into slums in the name of urban renewal.

President Nixon's appointees to the Supreme Court confirmed by the Senate were Warren E. Burger, Harry Blackmun, Lewis F. Powell, and William Rehnquist. He could have had more Rehnquists, but the Democratic Senate turned down G. Harrold Carswell and Clement Haynsworth -- in the first rejections of Supreme Court appointees in more than forty years.

Like Bill Clinton, Kennedy was not evil but he led an evil party that wanted (and still wants) a Soviet-style system of governance in which the Kremlin (Washington) manages the economy, and dissent is quashed in the name of stopping hate speech.

I am amused therefore when the National Review climbs its high horse and claims it is my moral superior because it will do nothing to stop the most corrupt and communistic presidential candidate from winning the White House. She does evil. She is Imelda Marcos without the shoes.

Now I differentiate between evil acts and evil people. When an evil person does an evil thing, there is little I can do except protest. But when a good person accommodates evil, I must call them out.

If the National Review's roster of self-righteous snobs thinks they will regain the head of the conservative movement, I have some good news -- They Will Fail. There is no post-Hillary conservatism. Even if we find another Reagan, it will be too late.

Reagan railed against Medicaid in 1964. A year later, it passed. By the time Reagan became president sixteen years later, there was naught he could do to stick that toothpaste back in the tube.

It is too late to reverse Roe-Wade. It is too late to repeal Obamacare. The only repeals allowed are the conservative rulings and laws.

If Hillary wins, the damage is permanent.


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  1. It's never too late. If enough people stood up and let their voice be heard a lot of things could be changed. Instead of just letting the world go to hell in a handbasket, we need to get the attitude of "Everybody is entitled to my opinion." It may be the Leftist Progressive mantra, but there are a lot more of us than them. Stand up, speak out, and be counted. - Elric

  2. 'Like Bill Clinton, Kennedy was not evil'...

    Not sure I read you right here Don. Did you mean to say 'Unlike Bill Clinton...' or do you feel that WJC is not evil?
    If you truly feel that Bill Clinton is not evil but is a victim of his party's policies, I would be inclined to argue that point.
    I was on the losing end of a highway showdown between my vehicle and a runaway semi a few years back and although thankfully I survived that little piece of unpleasantness, my cognitive abilities are somewhat impaired to the degree that my mind doesn't always grasp what is put before it. A bit frustrating a times but as you said a few days back, " you play the cards dealt you."

    cheers Sam C

  3. Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy were spawned by (and ultimately led) an evil party but were not evil themselves?

    No. No. That simply doesn't compute. They were/are bad men themselves.

  4. Willie is a hardcore Lefty and always has been.

    Yeah, he wants money and women first, but his ideology is as hard Left as hers.

    Have to disagree here.

  5. Kennedy was a KENNEDY: scion of a very corrupt family, using the Whitehouse as his personal whorehouse.

    But he did it with a certain élan, and his political face was much more palatable. He did not APPEAR evil, but his brother Ted showed us that this dynasty - like the Clinton Dynasty - is an evil influence in the world.

    Funny, I never noticed: Dynasty = Nasty. Yes, in so many cases.

  6. Elric - There is nothing more permanent than a government program.