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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hillary's favorite charity is Hillary

Whilst the rest of the media fawns over the Clintons tithing 10 percent to charity, Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reviewed the files and found that to be a lie.

A whopping 96 percent of the money went to the Clinton Foundation, which FBI agents want to investigate, possibly as a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization.

From the Daily Caller:
Clinton released her tax forms on Friday in a move that is seen as a way to pressure Donald Trump to release his taxes. The GOP nominee has refused to release the records, saying that he is under a routine audit.
The documents show that the power couple earned $10,745,378 last year, mostly on income earned from giving public speeches.
Of that, they gave just over a million to charity. But the contributions can hardly be seen as altruistic, since the money flowed back to an entity they control.
In short, Hillary took money from her left pocket and put it in her right pocket and called it charity.

The reality is only 0.4 percent of the Clinton money from Goldman Sachs and others trying to influence her went to an actual charity.

The Clinton Foundation is little more than a laundry room that takes bribes from foreign governments and crooks to pay her friends, family, and political operatives.

Barack Obama has blocked investigation of this scam because he will set up the Obama Foundation to make sure his progeny are billionaires as surely he plans to be. Tony Rezko taught him well.

So Never Trumpers, why are you refusing to stop her?


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  1. I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find chicanery of this sort in this establishment. (H/T, Capt. Renault.)

  2. Willie's family was the poorest of the poor and I doubt the Rodhams shared much.

  3. Preet Bharara-remember his name he will go down in history like Elliot Ness, J. Edgar Hoover.Rudy Guilani-he works at the same Federal Prosecutor's job.
    I said a while back about Hilliar. that she,
    by exposing operatives and secrets, made in the words of an old CIA spook that I knew-
    "You don't make your spooks mad at you if you do,sooner or later they will get you."
    I believe that this is what is going on.
    Unable to prosecute via DC they go to New York out side the DC bubble and open the can of snakes that is the Clinton Foundation.
    There are layers of intrigue here that we will probably never understand.
    But I know in my heart this is the one where
    They do not get away..
    Bill, Hill, and Web Hubble' child..
    TG McCoy

    1. I've been thinking the same thing for quite a while.

      The old pros that believe in this country now have the chance to let it all out and I think they're doing it.

  4. I think there should be no tax exemptions at all. Philanthropy has turned into a big scam that supports the left.

  5. I don't see a problem with the Clintons passing on the $1M to the Foundation. However, I do question whether the Foundation itself deserves a tax exemption if it fails to do the charitable work it claims to be its mission. That is a question for the IRS, which can revoke the tax exemption of the Foundation if it spends too little on charitable projects. As for whether Clinton used the Foundation in a way that satisfies the criteria for criminal corruption by a public official, that is a separate matter for the FBI and the DoJ.

    1. You do know that the Clintons get "salary" from their slush fund, I mean "foundation, as does the daughter. I would not be a bit surprise if the grandkids get a piece of the action too.

    2. I don't see what that has to do with the $1M the Clintons passed through to the charity? From a tax standpoint, their donation is pretty much a wash: it's taxable income but also a tax deduction for them.

      Are you claiming Hillary received a salary from the Foundation while she was Secretary of State? As a rule, government employees are not allowed to accept remuneration from an outside entity, which is why the arrangement that allowed Huma Abedin to work for an outside company is so perplexing.

    3. The pay can be deferred for the officers of a corporation like this. Done all the time.

  6. Clinton make Scarface Al feel so totally inadequate.

  7. Favorite Charities is a good topic. You should include this one as well.

  8. The real questions here need to focus on who the money came from. Clinton Cash does a great job of pulling back that curtain, but few cared. Nobody in power wants to upset the gravy train at this point. Uhh, except DJT...

  9. Cold hard cash for a cold hard ... aww, you know the rest.

  10. $1,042,000 to charity. Not too bad except $1,000,000 went to the Clinton Foundation and the $42,000 to the PGA. PGA is a charity!

    1. And the PGA guys gave the foundation even more than $42 K!
      Why didn't I think of this? Not smart or criminal enough.

  11. $1,042,000 to charity. Not too bad except $1,000,000 went to the Clinton Foundation and the $42,000 to the PGA. PGA is a charity!

  12. I used to laugh at the idea of buying off dictators like Amin or Saddam. I don't know what number would make Hillary go into exile.
    God help us when she controls our government with no press or legislative will to investigate her.

  13. When they finally nail Hillary's hide to the proverbial wall she will keel over dead and derive us all of any well-deserved schadenfreude at her misfortune. - Elric