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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Crooked Kaine feels kidnapped

Corrupt Democratic Senator Tim Kaine fits right in with Hillary Clinton

As lieutenant governor and later governor of Virginia, Kaine accepted more than $160,000 in bribes in the form of vacations, clothing, and other non-cash items from people curying favor in state government.

From the Hill:
Kaine spoke at a coordinated campaign field office for Clinton and local Democrats in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Friday, according to Politico.
Asked by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) what it was like to be Clinton's running mate, he responded: "It feels like I got kidnapped." 

Maybe Hillary can get Obama to pay a $400 million ransom for him.

Like Al "No Controlling Legal Authority" Gore, Kaine is a grifter whom attracted the attention of the Clintons.

Then again, Obama got a nice mansion in Chicago courtesy of lobbyist Tony Rezko's string-pulling.


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  1. hillary needed someone as running mate with no ethics. She could not afford to have her vp drop out because she was a crook. obama picked biden as his running mate for a similar reason. He could not afford to have a vp who might show him up intellectually. With biden that would not be a problem even if Daffy Duck was the presidential candidate.

  2. "Quantitative easing"?

    A fancy Clinton term for "Hey, Obama, we're running out of money to steal, print some more!"

  3. Kidnapped? Interesting. It appears that Mr. Kaine really likes him some Islamists and hates Israelis (so he's perfect for Hillary's VP), as well as #BlackLivesMatter, Cuba, and amnesty for illegal aliens. He is the only person with a 0% Lifetime Rating from the American Conservative Union (ACU). Check out the scoop on him at - Elric

  4. Interesting choice of words, no question.

  5. A bizarre response to say the least. Kaine is a raving open borders lunatic who would fire every US citizen by Friday and replace all of with immigrants, if he could. Kaine rates an F- rating from NumbersUSA, which takes a special level and intensity of treason. Did you know that Kaine speaks Spanish?

  6. The corruption of Dimocrats is astonishing and they do it right out in the open counting on the corrupt press to cover for them. If we had a press that did the job envisioned for them, the Dimocrats would have no chance of getting elected and all three Clintons would be in jail.

    1. Which is why the Dems have corrupted themselves--for the money that comes to power.

  7. Who was it that wrote: "The long arm of the law reaches far ... sometimes it might better seize the thing close by."