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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chris Rock, the Bush years


  1. Gas is about the same price now, probably a bit higher. I remember $1.50 gas under Bush. Fewer people have good jobs, and labor participation rate is crappy. Health insurance costs twice as much for most of us, and 11% or 38.5 million of the supposed 45 million still don't have any. Marriage equality? Hell, with the way the law discriminates against men, especially white ones, we don't have marriage equality, we have a system designed to make the white genocide even worse. Chris Rock can go join Chris Brown and hopefully get himself killed.

  2. I never liked Chris Rock. Always thought he was a leftist hypocrite. And just ignorant. Not ordinary ignorant, but nasty ignorant. He had a job before Barry got elected, and so did a lot of other blacks who are currently unemployed because of Obama's failed economic policies, which have rewarded wealthy people like Rock at the expense of the middle and lower class. He conspiculously fails to mention, for example, the high unemployment rate of black youths who live in the inner city ghettos of the major Blue states across the country. As for low gas prices, that's IN SPITE of Obama, not because of him. Obama, no friend of any private enterprise he cannot control and manage to loot, tried every way possible to make gas more expensive. That gas prices went down is because of fracking technology and capitalism, not Obama. As for healthcare, Rock could afford health insurance and health care long before Obamacare. Too bad recent studies of the results of the Obamacare law contradict Rock's unbounded prejudice, by showing that as many people find healthcare unaffordable today as was true before the Obamacare law was passed.

  3. When DID Chris crawl out from under his rock? Which seems to have hit him on the head.

  4. Chris Rock drunk the Ho-Lie-Wood koolaid. I've had squirrels outside my porch chatter more intelligent stuff. He'll OD here soon and then all you'll hear about is what a great "artist" he was. If you hear sniggering in the background, that'll be me...

  5. Isn't this the same Chris Rock who said that he can't tell jokes on college campuses anymore because of political correctness? And to quote a very famous tweet, "What I like most about the Obama era is all the racial healing."

  6. Gasoline prices are being dictated today and always by the Saudis. Nothing to do with Bush or Obama. Likely though, on average Bush era prices were lower and today's prices are greatly affected by the U.S. oil patches outstripping the ancient middle east pumps. It is called fracking.

    1. So, then,prices are NOT being dictated by the Saudis...due to fracking.

  7. Gas? He's a gazillionaire. Doubt he pumps his own.
    And BHO did everything to slow down fracking, which is the cause of lower gas prices.
    His marriage is cheapened by "gay marriage", which I guess is equal if he doesn't care about it.
    He has a job. Still. I think Everybody Hates Chris was during the W administration. Just checked. 2005-2009...2009, who was in office when the show was cancelled?
    Health insurance? As a gazillionaire, I wouldn't bother with with insurance, since I could afford anything. Guess he has insurance because the IRS might arrest him if he forgot to pay the fine.

    Thanks for reminding me why I hate Obama, and he has ruined my life as a physician with Epic.
    "Gods of the Junii, with this offering I ask you to summon Tyche, Megaera, and Nemesis[2] so that they may witness this curse. By the spirits of my ancestors I curse Gaius Julius Caesar. Let his penis wither. Let his bones crack. Let him see his legions drown in their own blood. Gods of the Inferno, I offer to you his limbs, his mouth, his breath, his speech, his hands, his liver, his heart, his stomach. Gods of the Inferno, let me see him suffer deeply, and I will rejoice and sacrifice to you."

    Thanks, Servilia of the Junii for your curse upon Caesar. Of course the difference is, Julius Caesar had accomplishments. Guess they both brought down a Republic.

  8. He wanted to "marry" his boy friend. Who knew?

  9. Cheaper gas? obama hates fracking, we have cheaper gas despite obama not b/c of him. Jobs? Hey Chris, in the real world we have 94 million people looking for work and the job market sucks. What the he LL is 'marriage equality'? If you want to marry your parakeet go for it but I am going to recommend the standard course of therapy and medication for demented liberals. obamacare of course is imploding under the weight of its internal contradictions and stupidity. Not even a good try Chris, go away. You racist