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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blame Joe Manchin for the price of EpiPen

The press is giving Heather Bresch holy heck for jacking up the price of the Epi-Pen, which is used by people with allergies, and other dangerous conditions that require the quick application of drugs.

To discover how this happened one need only look at her full name, Heather Manchin Bresch. She got her job because she is the daughter of Joe Manchin, the head of the Democratic Party in West Virginia, who is now serving as a senator after having been governor, and secretary of state.

Most news reports leave out the Manchin connection, even though that is her biggest asset as CEO of Mylan, a generic drug company based in Canonburg, Pennsylvania, just north of West Virginia. She graduated from West Virginia University in 1991, and at a WVU basketball game the next year, her father hit Milan Puskar, then CEO of Mylan, up for a job for his daughter. The people had just elected Joe Manchin to the state Senate, so Heather got a job as a clerk.

As her father rose in politics, she rose in the company. When her dad became secretary of state of West Virginia, she became Mylan's director of government relations. She did well, making sure the drug manufacturer was included in the Medicare Part D plan.

More promotions coincided as he rose to governor and then senator.

When she needed a master's degree, she was able to get one through Michael Garrison, a family friend Joe Manchin arranged to be appointed as president of WVU. Garison also was a lobbyist for WVU. After the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette exposed this lie, Garrison stepped down. Heather continued as a Mylan executive, rising to CEO in 2012.

The press is airbrushing her father from this story. Steve Tobak at Fox Business Network did a great job ripping her, but barely mentioned her father.

Everyone wants their kid to succeed, but fair play matters. Obviously Joe and Gayle Manchin failed to teach their daughter ethics.

Or maybe she forgot those lessons along the way.


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  1. How can any Democrat teach a child ethics. Democrats have no knowledge base to work from. The closest they can come is passing along how to work around any actual regulations.

  2. How can any Democrat teach a child ethics. Democrats have no knowledge base to work from. The closest they can come is passing along how to work around any actual regulations.

  3. They taught her Dimocrat ethics just like BJ and Crooked Cankles taught Chelsea.

  4. Fairly routine, I'm afraid. Not just the blatant nepotism, but also the business of having the CEO be a member of one of the protected classes. Helps keep harassment by government regulators to a minimum. It's why the Carly Fiorinas, Meg Whitmans, and Marissa Mayers are where they are. Theirs are NOT Horatio Alger stories.

  5. It isn't a matter of WHAT you know that counts, it's WHO you know. And it's not WHAT they know, either. - Elric

  6. Like Fred says. Maybe it's time to invest in tumbrils.

  7. Now people are beginning to understand why people like the clintons and manchins see "white privilege" everywhere. It's kind of like people in the beltway saying "Trump will never be elected. I don't know anyone who will vote for him."

  8. Patent law and over-restrictive FDA regulations served to eliminate the market competition that would have made a huge price increase unworkable. Heather (nee) Manchin and Chelsea Clinton are the spawn of the corrupt crony capitalism of Democrats like the Obamas and the Clintons.

  9. I think perhaps we should blame drug pricing by industry giants like Express Scripts which owns a big chunk of the mail order pharmaceutical business offered through company and medicare insurance plans. These folks make lots of money on volume by getting upfront discounts on drug purchases and the more they get the more volume discount becomes available at the end. Joe Manchin's daughter says that the $608 for two EpiPens results in net sales of $275, so slashing $300 from the price with a generic puts Mylan in the hole.

    EpiPen actually had a competitor in 2013 - 2015 when Auvi-Q entered the market. But Express Scripts simply refused to list that product in its approved formulary drug list until manufacturer Sanofi said OK we will discount. When that product was withdrawn in 2015 it had a higher list price the EpiPen.

    And the real burner here is that the insurance co-pays by plan members for EpiPen through Express Script were only $73.50 in 2015.

  10. An important FYI from Consumers Reports:

    But EpiPen isn’t the only epinephrine injector on the market; the authorized generic of Adrenaclick (epinephrine auto-injector), is a cheaper option — we found it for $142 at Walmart and Sam’s Club using a coupon from GoodRx. While generic Adrenaclick isn’t the same technology and is used differently than EpiPen, both auto-injectors contain the same drug, epinephrine, available in the same dosages, says Barbara Young, Pharm.D., of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.