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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Blacks voters are not the property of the NAACP"

Praise for Trump from Thomas Sowell, who was among the signers of the National Review's "Against Trump" edition. The magazine's efforts were so effective that Trump got the votes of 500 more delegates than needed on the first ballot in Cleveland.

But Sowell gave props to Trump this week for tying law-and-order to the black community.

Liberals claim that law-and-order is dog-whistle racism. Trump turned that around. Sowell noticed.

From Sowell:
Who would have thought that Donald Trump, of all people, would be addressing the fact that the black community suffers the most from a breakdown of law and order? But sanity on racial issues is sufficiently rare that it must be welcomed, from whatever source it comes.
When establishment Republicans have addressed the problems of blacks at all, it has too often been in terms of what earmarked benefits can be offered in exchange for their votes. And there was very little that Republicans could offer to compete with the Democrats' whole universe of welfare state earmarks.
Law and order, however, is not an earmarked benefit for any special group. It is a policy for all that is especially needed by law-abiding blacks, who are the principal victims of those who are not law-abiding.
His who-would-have-thought question is absurd for an educated man, who surely should have studied his subject beyond the headlines before openly rejecting him in January. Trump's intelligence, cosmopolitan nature, and genuine love of the hoi polloi are all indicators of someone who judges people by the content of their character. He understands that the people who suffer most from black crime are poor, black people.

But Sowell notices now and that is what is important.

Trump made his speeches in rural, white communities. Some said that was a mistake, but I saw that as a brilliant move because it showed he was not pandering to the black community. Trump proved that this is not something he just says, but rather something he believes in.

Sowell ended his column:
Someone on CNN said that if Trump were serious about wanting the black vote, he would address groups like the NAACP. That was in fact a big mistake that even President Reagan made.
Blacks voters are not the property of the NAACP, and they need to be addressed directly as individuals, over the heads of special interest organizations that have led blacks into the blind alley of being a voting bloc that has been taken for granted far too long.
Whether other Republicans will re-think their approach to attracting minority voters is a big unanswered question.
The NAACP exists to fight racism. No racism, no NAACP. After 100 years, the motivation to end racism is gone.


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  1. Sowell is a good man.

    And Trump said something anyone with a scintilla of intelligence should have figured out long ago.

  2. So well doesn't really have a dog in the fight against Trump. I think he was going along for the ride with his other establishment friends. I've read most of his books. He does not come across to me as a globalist. I would wager that, like me, he hasn't really given it much thought until this year. I made a comment in your last posting about Jonah Goldberg having globalism in his blood. That could easily be construed as an anti-Semitic thing to say. A year ago I would have cared deeply about what people might have said about such a statement. I no longer do. Understanding why should instruct all of us but mostly me. I've said before that I was never an active member of the Tea Party but took this moniker out of respect for the group. I never quite understood why the Republican Establishment was so against it until Trump and the rise of the alt right. It had to go because it was only about America. It was so, I think, totally unconsciously. Those people never once thought of themselves as nationalists. The thought never crossed their minds. But I'd be willing to bet that it crossed the minds of many like Goldberg. They like to talk about dog whistles for the right. It looks like having one's primary focus on his own country is a dogwhistle for some, and it looks like it works both for the left, which has as a theme to think globally and act locally, and for the neocon movement (I refuse to call it part of the right any more). The Tea Party had to go because it had the wrong focus point. America. He wrote Liberal Fascism to as a polemic trying to keep Hillary out of the White House. Now he's practically campaigning for her. He's OK with her both thinking and acting globally. And he doesn't give a rat's ass about Main Street USA. And I don't think his main concern is even about keeping the money flowing for National Review. I think he has other fish to fry that don't have one damn thing to do with the USA, other than the fact that the USA has military power, and big banks with big bankers. To Hell with him.

  3. Mr. Sowell always writes thoughtful articles, so he must have done a lot of thinking before writing this one. Could he be another late convert to Trump? - Elric

  4. Too late. Sowell can suck on a lemon.

  5. "The NAACP exists to fight racism." And if there is no racism to fight, they will create it.

  6. Larry Elder is a black, libertarian leaning, Republican talk show host out of Los Angeles. He's been very supportive of Trump and is well worth a listen to.