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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

A First Amendment Election

John Irving Bloom developed the alter ego Joe Bob Briggs when Bloom was a movie critic at the Dallas Times Herald. Brigs reviewed drive-in movies, rating them on the three things men want to see in a drive-in movie: boobs and fights. He took his Texas redneck act to The Movie Channel -- Showtime's Cinemax -- in the 1980s, and was a hot. Attended Vanderbilt on a sports-writing scholarship.

Looking at the Trump election, Briggs wrote, "Donald, You Ignorant Slut."

What did he mean by that?

From his column:
Of all the words used by the press to describe Donald Trump, the million-hit wonders [on Google] are these:
bully 1.4 million
self-obsessed 2.5 million
vicious 9.1 million
rude 13.3 million
cruel 13.3 million
liar 16.2 million
angry 19.3 million
And the winner—drum roll, please:
idiot 20.5 million
Notice that five of the eight are internal attributes, only one can be fact-checked, and the most popular epithet of them all is the last refuge of sputtering incoherent rage. It’s reminiscent of the old Saturday Night Live routine, with Dan Aykroyd responding to anything Jane Curtin said with, “Jane, you ignorant slut.”
It is a wonderful article that gets into the pants of the situation. This is an election about freedom, not tyranny. He rolls over the stereotypes of Trump's supporters.

My favorite:
You’ve got the authoritarian reason, the idea that Trump voters want “a strong man like Putin.” Yeah, really? Would that be the same Scots-Irish people who followed John Knox, got kicked out of the Lowlands, caused all the ruckus in Ulster County, fought the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania, and spread out through the Ohio Valley and Appalachia and the Deep South so they could get away from all governments? Yeah, right, those people want a dictator.
(Earlier he pointed out that 18 other women have been heads of state. Briggs wrote,"If Hillary does become the first female President, we should give her the Ulf Merbold Award. If you go into any office of the European Space Agency, there’s a picture of this goofy grinning guy named Ulf Merbold. That’s because he was the first European astronaut on the first purely European space mission at the fairly irrelevant date of 1984. When you’re a female leader following in the footsteps of women from such bastions of feminism as Bolivia, Haiti, Rwanda, Peru and the Central African Republic, it’s not exactly headline-worthy.")

But this is the meat of his whole column -- and this election:
My point is that the Donald Trump voters have consistently told us why they’re voting for Trump, but it doesn’t fit any of the stereotypes and so it’s never mentioned. What’s the first thing out of a Trump voter’s mouth when he’s asked about it?
“I like him because he says what’s on his mind.” 
“He’ll say anything.”
He doesn’t sugar-coat it.” 
“He says things no one else will say.”
It’s a political movement based on the First Amendment.
Shouldn’t we, at the very least, be looking at why 40-plus-percent of the American population would feel stifled and silenced? Shouldn’t this be what we’re examining instead of the cerebral cortex of Donald Trump’s addled ego? Wouldn’t this be the reporterly thing to do?
George Wallace? Trump is William Wallace.

I am disappointed that in the wake of Trump, political correctness is now defended by people like Jonah Goldberg, who wrote Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change.

People are calling the press out this year.

'Bout time.


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  1. I like the comparison to the Scots-Irish attitude. We don't want a dictator, and ESPECIALLY not a dictator from the Progressive Left Nanny State Politically Correct Industrial Complex. Trump is our man and the media - including much of the Right wing "conservative" media - will do anything to tear him down. I reckon they figured out who butters their bread and it isn't the GOP base, so to hell with them. RINOs for Hillary every one. - Elric

  2. And yet anyone who dare speaks their mind about Trump gets a whiny-brat rebuke from him. The day after the RNC, all the hair could do was rail against John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Now, he is in a pissing match with the Muslim dad of a deceased decorated U.S. soldier. And then he refuses to endorse Paul Ryan (who endorsed him) because Ryan thought ill of his recent comments. Ditto for John McCain.
    Sure Trump speaks his mind. So do the co-hosts on The View. You like them too because they speak their minds?

    1. I don't believe in political endorsements for primary elections. Those are (or should be) decided by the people without a bunch of politicians trying to put their fingers on the scale.

  3. Can people say White Lives Matter without being called racist?
    Can people make fun of the president's chocolate skin like you mock Trump's orange skin without being called racist?
    We already know calling Mexican illegal aliens who rape and murder "criminal" is verboten.
    And his "pissing match" is with a lawyer who specializes in Muslim imigration who called him out and now wants to hide in his safe place.
    We are fighting for free speech -- against anonymous enforcers of media approved speech.

  4. I'd prefer Daniel Morgan to William Wallace.

    William Wallace lost.

  5. I'd prefer Daniel Morgan to William Wallace.

    William Wallace lost.

  6. If Donald Trump is William Wallace, then Hillary is the apple of Our Don's eye.

    And if that statement just caused you to involuntarily impersonate Scooby-Doo ... Huuuuuhhhh?! ... recall that Our Don is of Swiss extraction.

  7. I think Trump may have read SJWs Always Lie. One of the rules to dealing with SJWs is never apologize. Once you do they have you and they never ever will forgive you. These RINOs ragging on Trump for his dealings with Khizr Con ('cause he is running a con), the Sharia supporting Moslem immigration lawyer should be ragging on Crooked Cankles for lying to the Benghazi Gold Star families whom she lied to about the cause of the riots being a YouTube video, lied about lying to them, and then called them liars. Don't those Gold Star families deserve respect from a presidential candidate? I'd say the same to the VFW rep. who chided Trump. Trump is far more supportive of the military than Crooked Cankles is. She hates the military. Direct your venom at her. I guess some Gold Star families are more equal than others. A Sharia supporting Moslem immigration lawyer is more important than patriotic Americans. BTW, he took his law firms' website down. Wonder why?

  8. @edutcher: Not only did Wallace lose, he was drawn and quartered...which is not a fate we wish for The Donald. For Hillary maybe. But not for The Donald.

    Obama leaves office in 169 days. But who's counting?