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Friday, July 22, 2016

The bewilderment of Barron Trump

As the world goes to hell again today, I thought I would share with readers my thoughts about a smaller moment.

The convention featured Trump's four adult children who gave personal insights into their father. Tiffany has just graduated from college and is beginning her career, while her older siblings have worked for the Trump Organization and are involved in their own projects. The youngest child, Barron, age 10, did not participate. He has reached the age of reason but is far from being an adult.

After his father spoke -- roared -- Barron and the rest of the family and the family of Mike Pence took the stage amid much applause and the release of thousands of balloons.

Barron wandered about a little, bewildered by the crowd and bedazzled by the balloons. He reminded me of me 53 years ago when I attended my sister Paula's wedding at St. Benedictine in Cleveland.

We get jaded on politics, and I have seen on Twitter the great writers on the conservative side become so consumed by their hatred of a man few of them have met. They have convinced themselves that he is Hitler, and he must be stopped by any means possible.

I found very refreshing Barron Trump's awe and inability to comprehend the moment. His father had beaten the odds -- expressed by the experts -- to win the presidential nomination
Trump has a better chance of cameoing in another Home Alone movie with Macaulay Culkin—or playing in the NBA Finals—than winning the Republican nomination. 
—Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight Politics, June 16, 2015
Trump triumphed. His way. He won not because of his style or his powers of persuasion but because of his message: Make America Great Again.

I look forward to the moment that Barron realizes just how awesome that night in Cleveland was.


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  1. 10 is an interesting age.

    Old enough to know what's going on, young enough to think the entire world is really cool.

  2. I'd been anxious all week to see Baron. He looks so much like his brothers. It says a lot that Trump has helped raise amazing children.

  3. The school he goes to will help his future success. And I can tell you where he gets his schooling.

    At his papa's knee.

  4. Great post, Don.

    Sam L.

  5. When I was ten I was riding a horse around on the lowveldt, drinking out of irrigation canals, getting malaria and playing soccer with elephant dung. Don't underestimate a ten year old.

    1. Elitist! The Democrats will tell you that the underprivileged had to make do with yellow jack and meerkat hacky-sack.

  6. Speaking of bewilderment, that is what is going to hit the Left in the next half-year.

    Because when you get down to it, no-one is more ignorant and provincial than inner-city Leftards.