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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Putting the mad in Ramadan

Today marks the end of Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims which apparently is celebrated by the mass slaughtering of as many innocents as possible. I realize only 1% of Muslims are radicals, but that amounts to 10 million to 16 million terrorists depending on your estimate of the global Muslim population.

The toll 15 years after 9-11 is far worse than in previous years because radical Muslims see Western leaders as weaker today than in the past.

That happens to be true. Barack Obama is stunningly unqualified to be the leader of the free world. His rise from a communist -- excuse me, community -- organizer to the presidency is one of the greatest marketing acts in my lifetime. He is Chauncey Gardiner with a law degree from Harvard. His refusal to obtain a status of forces agreement with Iraq signaled to the bad guys that Americans are not serious about the war on Islamic terrorism.

And we are not. We refuse to take basic security steps such as reducing the number of immigrants, tourists and students from trouble-making countries such as Saudi Arabia. Why are the Saudis our friends? They execute gays. Hell, Obama gave Iran The Bomb and most Americans could not care less.

From the Washington Post:
Suicide bombers suspected of links to the Islamic State struck for the fourth time in less than a week on Monday, targeting three locations in Saudi Arabia in an extension of what appeared to be a coordinated campaign of worldwide bombings coinciding with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Initial reports suggested there were relatively few casualties in the attacks at a U.S. consulate, a mosque frequented by Shiite worshippers and a security center in one of Islam’s holiest sites, the historic city of Medina.
That was Medina. Meanwhile in Baghdad:
Baghdad (AFP) - Iraqis on Monday mourned more than 200 people killed in a Baghdad suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group and accused the government of not doing enough to protect them.
Baghdad, apparently seeking to shore up its image after one of the deadliest ever bombings in Iraq, announced the execution of five convicts and also said it had arrested 40 jihadists.
The grim search continued for bodies at the site of the attack that hit the upmarket Karrada district early on Sunday as it teemed with shoppers ahead of this week's holiday marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.
Turkey, Orlando, Bangladesh...

But please, lecture me on my Islamophobia while the bodies burn all over the world. I get that not every Muslim is a terrorist, but what most Americans do not get is that there are Muslims who are terrorists and the world needs to stamp them out.


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  1. Ramadan seems to be more likely a time for Moslems to go berserk than any other time. Lots of Moslem wars don't even stop for a breath during it.

    Unlike Christians over Christmas or Easter.

    "His refusal to obtain a status of forces agreement with Iraq signaled to the bad guys that Americans are not serious about the war on Islamic terrorism."

    He signaled that with his stated intent to throw away our victory there.

  2. Obama is merely an affirmative action president. Let's hope he is the the only "first" for the sake of first - no first woman president who happens to be more bitter and clingy than anyone Obama labeled as such.

    As for the terrorists, while true not all muslims are terrorists, the predominate majority of terrorists are muslim. There is no escaping that fact. No matter how much people wish to ignore it.

  3. Obama said Iraq would be a mistake so he wilfully made it appear to be so through his own actions as President. In this he was enabled by the NYT and the media, all of whom hated Bush because he had succeeded after they said he would fail. They used their power of the memory hole to make Isis appear inevitable. Caesar said people only remember what happened last and this is certainly what has happened in Iraq. As for Islam,its inherently divisive tribal loyalties are well suited to the politics of "diversity" the Democrats have found useful. In time the vast majority of them will vote for the Democrats, just as they vote socialist in Europe and Britain today. This is the real source of the compassion Obama and the media pretend to have for them. A Trump victory will change the history of the world for a century at least. As such,it is much to be hoped for.

  4. Even though the majority of Muslims may not be terrorists, the majority of them sympathize with the terrorists. - Elric

  5. A radical Moslem wants to kill us. A moderate Moslem wants a radical Moslem to kill us.

    1. Bingo. And that is the way leftists feel about us and how conservatives need to think about the left.

  6. Using the word "Holy" in association with Islam is a travesty.

    We are conditioned to think of "religion" as epitomizing good, and religious leaders as exemplary.

    Muslim "Mullahs" are the leaders of a Devil ("allah" = Satan) cult.

    ...and the world needs to stamp them out.

  7. Opposing Islam is not racist. Muslim is not a race. It is a religion, a belief system. If you can convert to Islam, you can convert away from it (for which the "Religion of Peace's" Holy Book requires that you be killed). Jesus said, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's." To the Muslim theocrats, Islam IS Caesar. To the Koran and much of the Muslim world, there is no daylight between Church (mosque) and State. Hence, Islam can be opposed as a political movement that happens to be openly hostile to Western Civilization just as the Marxists were a half century ago.

    "A radical Moslem wants to kill us. A moderate Moslem wants a radical Moslem to kill us." and a "Progressive" wants the Muslims to do their dirty work for them.