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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paul Ryan may be the next Eric Cantor

I called it last December

From Breitbart:
After losing the Republican presidential primary, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided to back House Speaker Paul Ryan in his contentious primary battle against Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen.
In a fundraising letter to Wisconsin voters, Walker warns that the Speaker’s campaign against his pro-America primary challenger could be Ryan’s “toughest fight yet.”
“Paul Ryan’s re-election is important to every Wisconsin conservative,” Walker writes in the fundraising letter. “His leadership is too important to Wisconsin and our country to risk losing him… To help our friend, please write your [contribution]… and let’s win what could be Paul’s toughest fight yet.”
Now smart insiders in Washington will tell you voters in Ryan's district would be throwing away a lot of power if the turn him out.

But voters must ask themselves how they benefit from his personal power.

We shall see how this works out, but he is being primaryed. It might not be close on Election Day, but making him sweat a little this summer may cure that Washington fever he has.

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  1. Ryan is doing his GOPe even-year shuffle, where during even-numbered years he pretends to care about America during and then after the election, he goes back to doing the bidding of the Ruling Class by opening the borders, increasing spending, ramming through global trade deals which increase unaccountable global governance.

    If Ryan gets re-elected in 2016, he will laugh at the idiot voters in his district and go back to his project of destroying America for the benefit of his patrons in the Ruling Class. He is fundamentally a corrupted creature of Mordor on the Potomac.

    Steve in Greensboro

  2. Listening to his speech.

    God, he sounds awful.

  3. I've ponied up about $50 so far to Nehlen. God, I pray that Ryan get Cantored.

  4. I'd love for this crapulent shitweasel to be thrown out of Washington.

    He- and those like him- are exactly the reason Donald J. Trump will be our next president!

  5. When enough people run out into the street and shout, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" America will start looking like America again and Mr. Ryan and his ilk will find themselves on the outside looking in. - Elric