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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama was great last night, but his party is dead

President Obama gave a great speech last night and said America is already great so you people don't have to make it great again. However, the party that he said it to is dead. Intellectually, morally and politically.

Obama said, "By so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started."

But of course, our country is not stronger nor has its prosperity improved.

Under Obama, the national debt nearly doubled.

Under Obama, health insurance premiums skyrocketed, even as deductibles and co-payments rose.

Under Obama, median family income fell.

Under Obama, terrorism rose.

Under Obama, America gave up Iraq and ushered in the Islamic State.

And so on and so forth.

But all was not lost. He did some positive accomplishments. The best thing that happened is under Obama is Republicans won back Congress and statehouses across the land. He also kept Hillary from becoming president in 2008.

Obama leads a party of zombies. Brain dead. They ran out of ideas. They want to recycle old ones.

Equal pay for women? It's been the law since 1963.

Civil rights? It's been the law since 1957, expanded in 1964, 1965 and 1968.

Gun control? It's been the law since 1968.

Democrats haven't a clue. Even Bill Kristol is more in tune with the nation.

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  1. You know the intelligence of their base when they use these issue of 30 years, long since resolved, as their fodder. Really sad

  2. The Democrat party is the party of failed policies. Voters at the state and local levels have realized this, and the day of reckoning at the national level is at hand. It will take time and it will take effort, but we can do it. - Elric

  3. The Democrats haven't had a good idea since Pearl Harbor.

  4. "Even Bill Kristol is more in tune with the nation."

    Don, you owe me a keyboard!

  5. But Don, you're ignoring all the racial harmony that resulted from a white-majority nation electing a black President.

  6. But Don, you're ignoring all the racial harmony that resulted from a white-majority nation electing a black President.

  7. Didn't see the speech. We are getting pummeled right now. All headed for Philly. The Lord is manifesting. You don't boo God at the 2012 Dem convention and expect to get a hall pass. Buh bye, y'all...

  8. For their nominee, the Democrats had a choice between an old unlikable woman who's never accomplished anything remarkable and about whom no one can say anything good, versus a cranky old guy with weird ideas about money growing on trees who isn't even a member of the party. Talk about dead. Pastor Barry has given his hectoring sermon in praise of himself. Now just get the funeral service over with already, and bury the coffin.

  9. I keep hearing about Obama's great speeches, and how wonderful a speechmaker he is (with teleprompter, of course.)

    I'll bet $100 that if anyone raving about this latest "wonderful speech" were asked to quote a sentence from it- just ONE sentence! that they'd be unable to do so.

    All his speeches are unicorn farts tied together with fairy floss. No one can ever remember a word of them, but all rave about how "wonderful" the speech was.

    1. The audience is caught up in the Marxist version of The Rapture, which is why they can't remember a damn thing. The tiny thinking part of a Liberal brain is easily overwhelmed by emotion.

  10. It's like you can't sit in a labor union meeting and not think it's 1927. The Soviet Union died complaining about "capitalists" they had sent to the gulags a half century before. There is no movement more intellectually stunted than a "Progressive" revolution.

  11. obama just reads from a teleprompter. I do not accept that he ever 'gives a good speech.' Pure nonsense. You get the real obama when his handlers mess up and he gets off the teleprompter. He is a blowhard and buffoon, and a narcissist, racist, and anti-American to boot. He is 100% phony and only an image--but a helluva destructive one. Without media support, his handlers and teleprompter, he is a big zero.