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Sunday, July 24, 2016

NYT admits Democrats have run out of ideas

"Democrats, Looking Past Obama, Are a Party Without a Cause," read the New York Time s headline.

Like boys in their mid-teens with any cars, Democrats are asking, "What do you want to do?"

"I don't know. What do you want to do?"

"I don't know either. That's why I am asking you."

Hence video games were born.

From the New York Times:
PHILADELPHIA — When President Obama takes the stage here this week to begin his monthslong political farewell, it will mark a bittersweet moment for Democrats.
Mr. Obama is not going to be missed only because he is beloved by the faithful. The president has also fulfilled two longstanding if often elusive goals of his party: He has largely transcended the traditional moderate-versus-liberal split, papering over internal divisions. And he passed a sweeping health care law.
But without the unifying presence of Mr. Obama in the White House, or the organizing aim of expanding health care, it is unclear who will hold the party together and what will be the next great project of liberalism.
A political party without any ideas is a bunch of cronies seeking power.

Nationally, both parties are moribund. At the Statehouse level, Republicans have ideas for reducing government and stimulating the economy. This is why they now control more Statehouses than at any time since 1928. But nationally, the party was a failure. Trump took over.

Democrats too have run out of ideas. They recycle old ones. Equal pay! (It has been on the books since 1963.) Civil rights! (Passed in 1875, 1957, 1964 and 1965.) Gun control! (Passed in 1968.) Raise the minimum wage! (Imposed in 1938.)


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  1. I'm sure the NYT would like a nice Communist dictatorship with its publisher as head of the Politburo and Obama as president for life. Nothing else will do, so they will never stop complaining. As the ad says, it is what they do. But in reality the piece is a message to HC to keep left and press for a socialist one payer system to complete the ruination of the health care for all but the rich. The complete enslavement of the middle and upper middle classes to the NYT will follow. The added benefit of a funding starved military, as money drains off into medical entitlemens that threaten massive taxes on earned income, is also a realistic goal.
    The fewer big ideas the parties have the better Don. The big banks want Clinton to win because they consider her a massive conduit of wealth to themselves but the stock market and business usually responds well to political passivity or retreat and lower taxes. Trump might produce such a result by some combination of these. The NYT is afraid Clinton might also want to be successful, but only by not being Obama.

  2. SJWs going nutso.
    Importing new minority victims.
    Making felons into voters.
    Creating no go zones out of neighborhoods and cities.
    Re-redistributing what has already been redistributed.
    Remaking all services and institutions in the image of the above.
    Finding excuses to disarm and murder anyone who disagrees.
    Result: faithless, sexless, impoverished equalitarian utopia all sensible people have already left.
    Like Venezuela.

  3. It reputedly took Pericles all afternoon to tell the citizens of Athens what they ought to do.

    I could tell the Democrats in two words.