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Saturday, July 30, 2016

No more NewsMax ads

When NewsMax contacted me in December to run ads, I said sure. It meant a few bucks, and while I don't need the money, it was flattering. Then I saw the ads. I was uncomfortable, but others sites I like carry them, so I went along with the crowd.

Finally, last week I received a missive a reader.

From Ray:
Those "Trending Now" NewsMax  clickbait ads are visually disgusting.
Maybe you don't see them because you just post the articles and don't see them the way us readers do.
Crap like those are why people are driven to get ad blockers.  Can you do something about them?

Message received. Ads down. Immediately.

I often write readers, your wish is my command. It's true. If the Google ads become a problem, bye. They are pretty mainstream -- Walmart, Ford, etc. -- depending on where you go online and where you live.

As for ad blockers, I recommend the Maxthon Browser, which also helps you get around paywalls.

I may someday go back to being ad-free. Of course, I will continue pushing my book. Why not? It's the best thing I have written.

The Kindle version of "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race" finally is available. Please order here.

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  1. You know, Don, the Maxthon browser sends private data it has collected back to it servers in Beijing even though you may have tried to opt out. I'd be a little more cautious.

  2. Argree with that Maxthon is not secure enough.
    I use No Script and Ad Block Plus...
    No Script takes a bit to get used to but
    it is a good add-on.
    works well with Fire Fox...

  3. There are ads on your Web site? (In my best Johnny Carson voice) I did not know that. I give my support by purchasing your books. That's a win-win for you and for me. Write faster. Please.

  4. It IS the best thing you have written. And you deserve to make some ducats Big D. Go for it. No problems up here in Hedgesville.

  5. There's only one criminal enterprise that really scares me, that's the US Gov't. As I'm a vet, they already have all my "secrets," probably without even consulting NSA for the latest updates.

    So it doesn't much worry me that Maxthon might share info with Bejing (which, BTW, they deny.) I've been using Maxthon for years, and though I've tried to change a few times I always come back, just because it's the best browser I've ever used & some of its features are really hard to live without.

    Maxthon has a new version, MX5, but I can't recommend it yet, it's still in "Alpha"- but MX4 is very good and supports ABP. So I never noticed any distressing ads, probably because I never saw them!

  6. I am tempted to try Maxthon. Apple's Safari browser has been broken in the last two versions of OS X, and the problems have gotten worse with each update from Apple. Has anyone tried the Vivaldi browser for the Mac? These days I'm coming to want anything but Safari.

  7. Ever since the Firefox debacle over firing Brendan Eich I've been using Pale Moon--a Firefox clone without all the code bloat Firefox has become. They update frequently but they're easy, and with NoScript I choose what I allow to run. I too didn't know you ran blogads.