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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MSNBC can do better than Chuck Todd

Opening night for Trump's nomination week was a smash. Voters saw a stunning array of speakers determined to Make America Safe Again, and to elect Donald Trump president.

The Never Trump media ignored the triumph and tried to spin the convention as chaotic and out of control.

The worst of the lot was Chuck Todd, a star at MSNBC who in the days of Chet Huntley and David Brinkley would have been the 44-year-old go-fer who always gets the order wrong. ("He brought me coffee with cream. Again. We really should replace him.")

In his First Read online column written with Mark Murray and Carrie Dann, Todd scrambled for anything that showed Republicans are divided. That there are three times as many Trump delegates as there are Cruz does not seem to enter the picture.

Spoiler Alert: A meme from coverage of next week's convention will be that Democrats are united, unlike those rotten Republicans who are stuck with Trump.

From Todd and company:
Monday morning began with the Trump campaign's Paul Manafort saying, multiple times, that Ohio Gov. John Kasich was "embarrassing" his state for not participating at the convention. (It's not like Trump needs to have all the help he can to win battleground Ohio in November, right?) Then, during the afternoon, a rebellion broke out on the convention floor, highlighting the pro-Trump vs.-anti-Trump divisions in Cleveland.
The rebellion was planned in April when the Colorado state Republican Party became a fully owned subsidiary of Never Trump, and appointed nothing but Cruz delegates to the RNC. By that time it was clear Trump was the nominee, but Never Trump Republicans would rather have another President Clinton than lose control of their party. The real story was how easily the party stamped out this fire.

Todd fared better on the one black mark of the evening:
Melania Trump delivered a well-received speech in the primetime hour that was a sure bet to be the bright spot of the night. But there was one little problem with the address: It appeared to lift lines from Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech -- word for word.
As GOP strategist Steve Schmidt observed on MSNBC last night, the incident underscored "incompetence" and was a "disservice" to Melania Trump. Bottom line: If you can't get a political convention right, it's hard to see how you can get work at the White House right. After all, this is the easy stuff compared with being president.
Yes, it was bad but hardly the stuff that disqualifies a man as president. Not mentioned, Trump's WWE-style entrance. He was the alpha male here to Make America Safe Again. You could smell the testosterone as he took the stage to introduce his wife as the next first lady.

But Todd is like a global warming alarmist. He made up his mind years ago and is still searching for evidence that he is right.
“Nobody’s going to mistake Donald Trump for a presidential candidate, I don’t think, other than Donald Trump,” Chuck Todd said on his Meet the Press show on NBC on January 25, 2015.
So Todd rolled this out today:
In fact, think about all of the campaign-related errors over the last five days. The botched VP rollout. The awkward "60 Minutes" interview. The fact that Trump and Mike Pence never hit the campaign trail to capitalize on the VP announcement. And then last night. What you are seeing is the culmination of a campaign put together by gum and shoestrings.
Left out of the equation were the events that overshadowed the VP rollout: the Bastille Day massacre and the attempted military coup in Turkey.

But Todd is entitled to his opinion. So is Rachel Maddow. And Chris Hayes. And Chris Matthews. And Brian Williams. And everyone else on cable news.

What we need though are a few good news anchors, people who don't judge and don't bend the news. Fox News has Bret Baier. CNN has Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer. MSNBC can do better than this.

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  1. Sadly, the days of non-biased, ethical journalism in the national press seem to have deserted us. "Just the facts, maam" days are over. - Elric

    1. I don't think they ever were non-biased.

      I grew up in the '50s and '60s and there were few sources of News. Since all were pretty much the same, no way to tell they were biased. Oftentimes I (and I'm sure many of Don's readers) found ourselves thinking "I disagree with these people. But they're all saying the same thing. Am I completely wrong on this or something?"

      As Marx said "Who you gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?" (Groucho Marx, I'm pretty sure).)

  2. "MSNBC can do better than this."

    I doubt that very much. If it could, it wouldn't be MSNBC.

  3. Wow, she borrowed some lines.

    Nobody ever did that before!

    If this is the best the Lefty media can do (and who but the media actually cares?), the Demos are in real trouble.

    1. MSNBC has just invented a new oxymoron ... "Plagiarized Cliches".

  4. Before the convention Melania was dismissed by the LibDem media as Trump's eye candy trophy wife. Now suddenly she is the most important speaker at the convention last night.

    1. How is Trump going to Make America Great Again when his primary speakers have a ferrin accents and he walks into the convention with a British band tune blaring? Seriously, has he not ever heard Bruce Springsteen or Lee Greenwood songs?

    2. "has he not ever heard Bruce Springsteen"

      I assume you wrote that tongue in cheek, given that Springsteen is a way far left Democrat who won't let any one who is to the right of Kim Il Sung make use of his music (dreadful though it is).

    3. An under-35 being into Bruce Springsteen would be like a hippie being into Frank Sinatra.

      Gotta be something more recent.

  5. enjoy, love, and appreciate your this case, HIGHLY dispute [![ your premise! >wink!<

  6. At least they didn't bring out fake Greek columns!!!

  7. Todd is married to a DNC official. What do you expect. NBC should fire this POS

  8. Your description of Todd as a "star" reminded me of the wishing-rhyme:

    Star light, star bright,
    First star I see tonight
    I wish I may, I wish I might
    Oh f***, it's just a satellite.

  9. I was surprised that MSLSD was still broadcasting. Can it do better than Chuck Todd? Who is he?

  10. Well, if Melania (or her speechwriter) plagiarized, they are in good company. Boston University had to investigate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s doctoral thesis (forget the reason why), and determined - I'm paraphrasing closely: 'While the level of Dr. King's plagiarizing does rise to the level that would normally indicate a revocation of degree is in order, given Dr. King's historical standing, no useful purpose would be served by such an action at this time.' So... Dr. King should not actually have a Doctorate degree. Wow; again, different standards for different people.