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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kindle version of "Trump the Press" debuts July 25

Readers have told me they want a Kindle version of "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."

You wish is my command.

It will debut on July 25. Looks good. Price is $2.99. Pre-orders are open.

Austin Bay said at Instapundit:
I've almost finished reading a galley of Don Surber’s new book on Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential campaign. Glenn’s already given Trump The Press a link, and deservedly so. Here’s my overall impression: Don Surber has written an essential first history that is also a fun and witty romp. The book is a professional journalist’s exercise in factual due diligence. He documents –in arrogance-stripping detail– media bias, ineptitude, exaggeration and failure to learn from self-inflicted, unforced errors.
It is already in paperback, which you can order here.

Autographed copies are $20 (free shipping). Drop me a line at 

And Fausta at Fausta's Blog also gave the book a glowing recommendation.

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