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Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Trump's party now

Nationally, the Republican Party failed. Big time. Given the presidency and the Senate and the House in 2001, and again from 2003 to 2006, the party blew up a perfectly balanced budget, added the Department of Homeland Security, and tried to mess with Social Security.

Democrats took over Congress in 2007 and the presidency two years later. The whole federal government ran of the rails. We have the Obama administration literally taking on the Little Sisters of the Poor while getting its as whipped by the "JVs" in the Islamic State.

Handed the House back in 2011, and the Senate in 2015, the Republican Party -- again, nationally; the party does well at the state level -- has continued to act like a minority party rather than a party firmly in control of one of the three branches of government.

Elections have consequences, so do results. You either produce results or you get canned. This was not working.

Responsible Republicans realized new leadership is needed. They handed over the party to a CEO who led the charge into rebuilding Manhattan when all the smart money moved out. Trump has stripped the party to its bare essentials:
Defending rights.
Cutting taxes.
That last item works only if you eliminate spending to offset the drop in revenues. That's what Harding did (cut federal spending in half) and what Coolidge continued.

Reagan, stuck with a Democratic House, couldn't.

No more pandering. Not to minorities. Not to Wall Street. Not to the Chamber of Commerce.

In his speech last night, however, Trump reached out to black people, Hispanic people, gay people, and transgendered people. He did not pander. He is offering them the same security, the same defense of rights, and the same tax cuts.

The Never Trump crowd doesn't like the takeover. Too bad. They had their chance. They accomplished some good things, but they hung on to power too long. Trump offered ideas the conservative commentariat never considered, such as renegotiating NATO, The counter argument from the National Review is we have always done it this way and Trump is Hitler.

In the marketplace of ideas, the Never Trumpers lost. They think they can derail Trump and take the party back over. They are wrong on both counts.

And yes, Trump won on ideas. He didn't blow $700 million of other people's money (the amount his rivals raised combined) on some vanity campaign. The ads he did buy attacked Hillary, not Jeb!

Trump won because he stood up to not only the politically correct police, but he fought back. He called out the liars and know-nothings in the press corps. Last night, he said something that neither Hillary nor any of his 16 Republican rival could possibly say: “I’m With You -– the American People.” They cannot say that because they are beholden to corporate donors. The only billionaire calling the shots for Trump is the one he looks at in the mirror each day

When Bob Byrd finally died in 2010, I wrote that a new day had begun in West Virginia. Four years later, the Legislature went Republican for the first time in 82 years.

Today is such a time for America. The national Republican Party is dead. It is now Trump's party. He leads. In November, he will finish of the remnants of the Democratic Party, perhaps cleansing them of their socialist disease.

He is the campaign reform. Hillary will blow a billion or two on her doomed campaign. Trump won't. The money he doesn't raise will be raised by Senate candidates. The party will keep Congress and win the White House. Republicans will have leadership -- Trump -- Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy or whoever succeeds Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House will follow his lead.

Trump has a chance to save America from the brink.


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  1. I remember from days gone by, the phrase "big tent".

    Trump is trying to make it a reality. If he does and wins, they will give him the authority to do some good things for this country.

  2. WOO-HOO! If The Donald can get Congress in gear we really can Make America Great Again! With Trump as President Congress will no longer have their namby-pamby excuses for not doing what they were elected to do:

    Cut Spending
    Stop Borrowing
    Balance The Budget
    Rebuild The Military
    Reform Entitlements
    Build The Damn Wall!
    ET AL

    We have a big job ahead of us and we'll have to hit the ground running on January 20th, but I'm actually starting to feel optimistic about our future. - Elric

  3. This is why I identify as a Trumpublican. Hard to pronounce at first, but it rolls off my tongue now.

  4. The NeverTrumpers are about half spun IMHO. I heard one today railing on Mr. Trump's fabulous speech because (according to her) he did not mention the Bill of Rights or smaller government or the Constitution. I wonder if she was watching the same speech? I heard defense of free speech and the right to bear arms, a review of all government spending to identify waste and cut spending, a strong commitment to border control and public safety, and equal rights extended to all Americans regardless of color, sex, or religion. What is wrong with these people? Do they want Trump to read the Bill of Rights? Our borders are porous, are police are being shot, we are in debt up to our ****, unemployment is 20%, and some of our inner cities are war zones. But Trump didn't say "small government" so they can't vote for him. GOOD GRAVY

  5. since I'm ranting and raving, I also have heard Trump say more than once, "that is for the states to decide." "Leave that to the states." "I think that is an issue for the states." The Cruzers act like cultists and they would rather be ornery and uncooperative than to see that meany Donald Trump get into office.

    1. Tedd the Two-Year-Old is gonna give you SUCH A PINCH for that remark!

  6. Social disease. Socialist disease. Both very closely related.
    And Farm Boy is right. Trump is hitting the stupid fools over the head with their beloved Constitution and they are blind to it. Maybe he knocked them brainless.
    One more thing about Cruz: everyone forgets that his Dad was the one to attack trump first. That is no excuse for not sticking to the pledge. Cruz is a narcissistic liar.

    1. Given how slippery Cruz is, he was probably talking about a different sort of Pledge.

  7. I predict that, given that The Donald can run rings around most of what passes for the leftist media elites, a lot of questions (particularly follow-up questions) will be asked of President Trump through gritted teeth. Maybe even grinding ones.

    Any dentist in his right mind should, even now, be getting behind the Trump campaign.