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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gun control failed Police Officer Mike Flamion

President Obama's repeated calls for gun control are nonsense. Consider the ambush shooting of Officer Mike Flamion of the Ballwin Police Department near St. Louis on Saturday. Police say Flamion suffers "life changing injuries."

Gun control failed Officer Flamion.

From the local newspaper:
A Ballwin Police Department officer ambushed on Friday remains in stable, but critical condition — and is facing what a departmental Facebook post describes as "life changing injuries."
Mike Flamion, a nine-year veteran officer, has been in critical condition since Saturday. Authorities say he was ambushed by 31-year-old ex-con Antonio Taylor, who rushed the officer from behind and shot him in the neck.
"He remains in stable but critical condition, however it is coming to light that his life, and that of his family, will forever be changed by his injuries. He will require long-term medical care and we are confident that the community will stand by him on his long and difficult journey," the Facebook post read.
Gun control laws, including the landmark 1968 federal law, which requires background checks before any federally licensed seller makes a sale (even at gun shows) failed to stop this thug from getting a weapon.

More laws won't help.

I won't get into the race angle because frankly radical communists like Obama's political mentor, Bill Ayers, want to start a race war. White officer, black assailant. Yes, I get it. But that's not the problem. Allowing career criminals to walk among us unrehabilitated is the problem. We must return to respecting the law, and the men and women who enforce it.

Obama's call for gun control is knee-jerk and reactionary -- almost childish.

We need crime control.


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  1. The other issue is the courts inventing rights for criminals.

    That's gotta be turned around.

  2. Call me old fashioned if you will, but I think we need to reform our current system of criminal "rehabilitation" by re-capitalizing a number of crimes. We have too many dangerous criminals incarcerated at enormous expense, and for what? To "rehabilitate" them and turn them back out into society? The current recidivism rate for violent offenders: over 50 per cent will be back in prison within three years. Responsible application of the death penalty will accomplish several things:
    1 - keep violent criminals off the streets permanently.
    2 - Lower costs (prison expenses and especially societal costs) dramatically.
    3 - Keep violent criminals from breeding.
    4 - Serve as a much better deterrent than our current revolving door system.
    - Elric

    1. The Duterte solution even avoids court costs.

  3. The racial aspect cannot be avoided forever. It is becoming more obvious to everyone that tribal behavior is acceptable only for people of non-european descent, and that it is OK to discriminate against people of Asian and European descent, while extending privileges and remunerative rewards for the simple act of existence to others. The response doesn't have to be a hot race war like the radicals think they can win with the help of their globalist friends. It can be a long drawn out cold one that they will inevitably lose.

    1. The race aspect of this is that black people wear a uniform (their black skin) that they cannot remove.

      The non-black left push this hard to keep this army of discontented people a wedge in society and civilization.

      Bottom line: [Qualified with: I am not a racist] The Civil Rights Act of 1964 needs to be stricken entirely from the books before any meaningful healing can begin.

      They [the greatest generation] took a shortcut when they passed that shortsighted legislation, and things are going to get much worse than they were before the law was passed. I could argue that things already have.

  4. Let's not overlook so-called "Sentencing Reform" which seeks to reduce prison time for a whole range of offenses, and Obama's pardoning of "minor" drug offenders. Unfortunately there are some Libertarians and Conservatives who have bought into the sentencing reform meme. Or as I prefer to call them "useful idiots".

  5. Dems hate, Hate, HATE the idea of crime control.