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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eighth Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

An eighth reader has reviewed "Trump the Press" at Amazon. As is custom, I post it for the edification of readers.

From Arnold F. Williamson:
Buy this one.
I haven't enjoyed a book quite like this one EVER. In punchy, tightly written chapters, Don Surber reviews the GOP primary process, from announcements, to primaries, to majority delegate position for Donald Trump, and has a blast with the conventional wisdom of the press and the pundits (who in general performed abysmally) who got to see their predictions fail in a short time, again and again. For those of us whose humor revolves around a line that gets more meaningful over time (think of Marc Anthony's "honorable men"), this is a collection of essays and chapters not to be missed.
You want it. This is worth buying.
Thank you, Mister Williamson.

I look forward to posting more reviews from more readers.

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  1. Instead of hope and change, let 2017 be the year of discipline and rollback.