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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Did Hillary pick a running mate who will help Trump?

So the talk out of Official Washington is that Hillary picking Senator Tim Kaine as a running mate was a safe choice.

Trump sees Kaine as an opportunity for Republicans, Keith Koffler at the Washington Examiner reported.

From Koffler:
Donald Trump Saturday issued a series of tweets trying the use Hillary Clinton's selection of Tim Kaine to convince Bernie Sanders voters to support the Republican ticket.
Trump, who also sought to appeal to Sanders backers during his address to the GOP convention, hopes that his anti-establishment stance and his questioning of free trade deals can lure Democrats who are unhappy with Clinton and, potentially, Kaine, a Democratic insider who is a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
"The Bernie Sanders supporters are furious with the choice of Tim Kaine, who represents the opposite of what Bernie stands for," Trump tweeted. "Tim Kaine is, and always has been, owned by the banks," he wrote, taunting, "Philly fight?"
Kaine is a political hack experienced at navigating the governmental system for his personal benefit. That is not a slam. I like that he rose through the ranks from city attorney to mayor to lieutenant governor to governor to the Senate. But in a year in which that very system is under attack because it failed to protect the people, anyone who benefits from that system is suspect to the electorate.

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  1. You need to follow #DemExit. Yes, Sanders supporters are pissed....especially when this choice is paired with Wikileaks revelations.

  2. The Insider picked another Insider; a losing combo, as I see it.

  3. Kaine opened the convention with a greeting in Spanish. The Democrats are gradually moving African-Americans to the back of the bus. That's what slavish loyalty gets you from the Dems.

  4. I'll be surprised if the black vote is anything at all like it was for the fake Messiah. Now she's picked a ho-hum "who?" as running mate- so who's going to pander to the blacks?

    I expect BLM to be out in force in Philly, and there won't be anything like the Bikers for Trump that protected the GOP convention- so I'm getting in a truckload of popcorn to munch while I watch the mayhem unfold! I expect riots, fistfights, maybe some gun battles, lots of pushing & shoving- as each "gimme" group fights for more free stuff. And then there are all the ticked-off Bernie supporters, they're mad as hell! Oh, it should be glorious!

    So this ought to be a memorable event!

  5. Yep glorious and Hillary'starship just broke
    warp in the middle of the Klingon (ok, berniebot collective)battle fleet..
    TG McCoy

  6. There are so many avenues of attack that are closed off to Hillary Clinton.

    If she says, "He's had three wives", Trump will come back with "Bill's had hundreds of wives. House by house, street by street. They oughta call him The Milkman."

    Law and Order is sooooo closed off to Clinton as an attack meme. Enough said.

    "Rich guy"? At least he did legally.

    "National Security"? See "FBI statement", as in, you broke the law, but you get to cop a walk anyway.

    Only ammo Hillary's got is empty casings and spitballs.

    1. Another gem of a post, Dave! Their debate(s), if Hill doesn't duck it (them), are gonna look like Mike Tyson in his prime. But I think we still need to organize an over/under pool on how many times DJT will use the phrase Crooked Hillary. Per debate, my early prognostication is 10.

  7. Soft on Moslem crazies, big on Amnesty.

    She can forget straight white Christian males.

  8. One night at the Dim convention is gonna be anti-cop night to specifically pander to blacks. It's gonna feature speeches by the mother of St. Trayvon of Skittles and the Mother of St. Michael of Swisher Sweets. St. Trayvon's mother couldn't handle him and after he got suspended from school for suspected burglary she sent him north to spend time with his father's girlfriend. St. Michael's mother had nothing to do with him. He was being raised by his grandmother. She only got involved to profit from his death. She and the grandma got into a fight over selling commemorative T-shirts. Great paragons of motherhood.

  9. She chose another Old White Man? s/

  10. So it's Donald vs Hillary, Mike vs Tim, and Melania vs Bill.

    And most of the media think the Democrats will win? Crazy.

  11. When my wife saw him speak on television she asked if he was gay. LOL. Her gay-dar went off.