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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Cruz wants to be veep?

Maybe Ted Cruz is cottoning to New York Values (just like he did DC Values, the town he has lived in most of his adult life). After all, his presidential campaign spokeswoman, Alice Stewart, just made the pitch on CNN for The Donald to pick The Cruz as his running mate.

From Breitbart:
“I think Ted Cruz has tremendous momentum,” Stewart said next. “Needless to say, I think there’s some water that needs to be mended in between the two candidates. But that would be my pick.”
That Stewart would pitch Cruz—clearly another talented GOP candidate who if he joined forces with Trump would make them virtually unstoppable—is yet another sign that Cruz’s camp has clearly come a long way since the divisive primary. Other signs of recent progress include that Jason Miller, a senior communications adviser to Cruz, has joined the Trump campaign as communications director and Cruz Super PAC adviser KellyAnne Conway has joined the Trump campaign in a senior capacity as well.
“I’m saying who I think would be the best VP given [that Cruz was] number two coming out of the primary has tremendous support,” Stewart continued. “He is the leader of the conservative movement right now and I think he would be the best pick.”
(How do you mend water?)

If Cruz wants the vice presidency, that would explain the true reason behind Never Trump.


It makes sense. Sabotaging the election process by appointing Cruzzers to spots Trump won fair and square, the constant arm-twisting to get Republicans to stay at arm's length, and of course, threats to turn the convention into chaos, all explain the plan to demand the vice presidency.

However, just win baby. That is the priority. If he needs Cruz to win in November, so be it.

But spare me the BS about honor. Cruz is a despicable politician.


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  1. Puh-leez! Cruz was my initial pick, but after all of his shenanigans, no way. - Elric

  2. People got to see Cruz when the delegate poaching and voterless elections became general knowledge and they didn't like what they saw.

    The only thing Cruz would bring would be the NeverTrumpers - not unlike Reagan taking George Bush as his running mate, but I think most of the NeverTrumpers are coming to their senses and winning the Reagan Democrats - and some black support - would more than make up for it.

    I think Cruz couldn't survive his re-election bid, so this would be his last chance.

    PS "I think there’s some water that needs to be mended".

    Where's this girl from, Minsk?

    You pour oil on troubled waters, but you mend fences.

    At least in this country.

  3. The entire GOP establishment supposedly hates Cruz almost as much as Trump. Why would they support him now?

    1. My thoughts exactly, Boxty. The never trumpers are supposed to be the establishment who hate cruz, but, we only have the media telling us that. The same media who call ryan a conservative.

  4. "If [Trump] needs Cruz to win in November, so be it."
    WTH??!! After winning the nomination so handily by bucking the "establishment" and "elite," - and writing a book about it - you are in favor of Trump embracing the epitome of the establishment and elite? Interesting.

  5. I like Cruz. Consider this; Trump might consider James Webb to be a running mate. Webb is the former Democrat Senator from Virginia. Cruz would be a fine Supreme Court Justice.

    1. From The Daily Caller: 'Cruz’s claim of not being a tool of the political elite is like Bill Clinton telling the world, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

      'Webster’s definition of a scoundrel is a dishonest or unscrupulous person, and Cruz has become quite adroit at saying one thing while his history shows him doing the other. Rather than the outsider he claims to be, Ted Cruz is the ultimate insider, former top Bush 41 policy aide and globalist, Ivy Leaguer, and establishment insider.'

      And this is the person you think will make a "fine Supreme Court Justice"?

    2. And Cruz is the person Surber would be okay with as Trump's VP??

    3. Cruz is a lying, deceitful, whack job.

      The only thing I would vote for concerning Cruz is he pack up his SorosStooge wife, his High Priest Glenn Beck, Mittens, and the rest of the "true conservatives" and they all move to a jungle compound in Guyana.

  6. I really am not liking these VP prospects the mainstream media seems fond of ... Joni Ernst? You absolutely must be joking. I don't think she could carry Sarah Palin's ipad. What has Joni Ernst done since she got to DC other than NOTHING. Christie? Cruz? Jim Webb? Ugh. RINOs all. Newt? Good Lord Newt strikes me as the ultimate political opportunist and slippery swindler and please don't tell me he is the smartest guy in the room. This is not an election about who has the highest IQ or is the best BSer. When Newt tells me he wants to end muslim immigration he will get my attention. I want a loyal, trustworthy, patriot who puts America and its citizens first and is going to lower the boom on the corrupt immigration scam and industry. How about Jeff Sessions, Allen West, or Sheriff David Clarke. The rest strike me as "the same old same old."

  7. I thought Ted Cruz might be a good candidate, but I didn't like his performance earlier this year and I also don't trust him on immigration law enforcement or restricting (how about eliminating?!?!?) H1B, H2B, diversity, CX34-4, and every other **#$#@ visa scam being perpetrated by the democrat crime syndicate. I can't say I ever heard Ted Cruz once say a thing about lowering income taxes or corporate taxes. But he loves the Constitution, I got it. We are way past love of the Constitution as the true measure of what this nation needs. Call me what you will, these third world immigrants swamping our nation do not give a rat's posterior about this thing we call 'constitution.' Hell, if memory serves, Dubya called it a GD piece of paper. We need to seal our borders from the ongoing invasion. Read Ann Coulter's Adios America if this isn't sinking in.

  8. "Mend water"

    I fear you've misquoted here, Don. What she actually said was "Look, there's been a lot of water passed under the bridge since then."

  9. That would be sweet justice for conservatives: Adding a conservative to the Republican ticket to kill the campaign--I don't seen any Trump fanboys voting to put Cruz a 'heartbeat away from the Presidency.'

    Say YES Ted!

  10. Do whatever necessary to win.

  11. Drudge ran a poll today for its readers on their choice for the GOP VP slot. Last time I looked Gingrich had a clear lead.

  12. When I looked at the results from Drudge's poll yesterday, I was glad I had a bottle of Old Crow nearby. Newt and Joni Ernst both far ahead of Jeff Sessions (my favorite member of Congress and who would be an excellent choice IMHO). And this is from people who read Drudge, whom I consider more politically aware than the avg person. Time will tell, I guess, I'm just glad the decision is Donald's and not Drudge readers. Col Allen West? anyone? Do we not we need a patriotic battler to aid Mr. Trump?