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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Actually, Cruz campaign manager voted for the primaries before he voted against them

Eric O'Keefe, the head of Delegates Unbound -- a group that wants Republican National Convention delegates to ignore the presidential primary results -- is also the head of a group that tries to use primaries to oust incumbents it does not like. O'Keefe was Ted Cruz's campaign manager in Wisconsin.

I guess primary results only count when your guy wins. Nationally, Trump beat Cruz 13.3 million to 7.6 million.

O'Keefe also is a former national director of the Libertarian Party.

His opposition to having delegates honor their commitment to the voters is at odds with O'Keefe's involvement in numerous gadfly "direct democracy" campaigns, according to his Wikipedia entry:
O'Keefe is a founding board member of Citizens for Self-Governance, co-chairman and co-founder of the Campaign for Primary Accountability Political Action Committee, and chairman of the Health Care Compact Alliance. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Center for Competitive Politics, the Citizens in Charge Foundation, and the Wisconsin Club for Growth. He was the chairman and CEO of the Sam Adams Alliance, a former organization that promoted citizen activism.
It does not get any more self-governing than a presidential preference primary. Indeed, the Wikipedia entry for his Campaign for Primary Accountability states:
The Campaign for Primary Accountability is a nonpartisan Super PAC created in 2011. Founded by Leo Linbeck III and Eric O'Keefe, the group's goal is to defeat longtime and unpopular incumbents of both the Republican Party and Democratic Party.
And yet when voters overwhelmingly rejected Cruz, O'Keefe started a group to

Who is funding it?

Well, Cruz's wife does work for Goldman Sachs, a company that has "provided" Treasury secretaries in Democratic and Republican administrations over the years, and a company that paid Hilary plenty to give speeches.

But hey, I am not saying that is the case. Could be George Soros. Could be O'Keefe is independently wealthy.

What we do know is this guy is a hypocrite who is trying to overturn an election because his Constitution-memorizing candidate who has lived in DC most of his life lost by nearly 6 million votes to Trump.

Dane Waters is the spokesman for this latest astroturf group of O'Keefe's. Waters told Jacob Soboroff of MSNBC:
“The delegates are angry. They are angry, outraged at what happened. What we’re there to do is help them make it clear to the rest of the world that they are outraged, they’re unhappy and they’re angry, unhappy. What happened is an assault to democracy, in my opinion. It flies in the face of everything the Republican party stands for and can’t be allowed to stand.”
Why would any of the 1,543 delegates pledged to Trump be angry? Unless they were planted there by Ted Cruz and are really Cruz supporters.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air wrote:
This wasn’t “an assault to democracy.” If anything, it’s been a contest between direct democracy in the form of the primaries and the authority of representative democracy — and Waters lands on the latter part of that tension. Respect for “democracy” would require accepting the results of the primaries and the pre-established rules; Waters and his team are arguing for rejection of direct democracy and the use of representation to change the course of the cycle.
That would be legitimate if there was a majority of representatives (delegates) in favor of dumping the rules and unbinding the delegates to undo the results of the primary, but that’s what the Rules Committee considered as its own form of representative democracy. They lost on the same basis on which they want to claim legitimacy.
The media will give these jerks plenty of airtime and Bill Kristol and the rest of the sore losers. Oh well, you don't have to watch the convention. You can always read my book.


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  1. Morissey and Allah, who've always favored the Uni-Party and the Demos, in particular, are Libertarians calling themselves Conservatives. That one of the would say, "it’s been a contest between direct democracy in the form of the primaries and the authority of representative democracy", does not surprise me.

    In school, I was taught we had representative democracy and not direct, so you know what system these guys dislike.

    PS "And yet when voters overwhelmingly rejected Cruz, O'Keefe started a group to"

    You need to finish that sentence.

    No offense.

    1. Libertarians are leftist enablers.

  2. Whichever system is used for the primary election, it should remain in effect to the end. If someone wants to buck the system and change the rules, fine, but it should not have any effect until the following primary election. - Elric

  3. Leo Linbeck III used to comment on Richard Fernandez's Belmont Club blog.

    Here is an open letter he had Richard publish in 2011:

  4. O'Keefe was one of the people the Wisconsin Democrats swept up in their John Doe investigations. You know, when the Wisconsin Democrats were letting their Fascist Flag Fly.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. "Oh well, you don't have to watch the convention. You can always read my book."

    Well, no. The Kindle version doesn't come out for another week (I've got it on pre-order).

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