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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A few excerpts from "Trump the Press"

Some readers ask what is in "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."

Crow. Lots and lots of crow.

Today, Trump begins serving it in Cleveland. Enjoy the following excerpts.

Yep. The experts were right. Just ask President Rubio, er, President Cruz, uh, President Kasich?


"Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race," is now on sale.

Steve Hayward of Power Line, Linda Eastman at Legal Insurrection, and Austin Bay at Instapundit gave it glowing reviews.

Please purchase "Trump the Press" through Create Space

And its Kindle release is on July 25. Pre-order here, please.

Autographed copies are $20 each. Please email me at 

Regardless of how you purchase this must reading for Trump supporters and media critics alike. Please post a book review on the Amazon site. That helps attract other readers.


  1. Underdog saving miss Polly.

  2. Pour it on Don! It would not be possible to heap too much ridicule, scorn, and contempt on the establishment self-important social and political elite snobs, and their obsequious, butt-kissing, shallow wuss mainstream media sycophants. Not like I'm mad or anything....

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