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Monday, June 13, 2016

Will Orlando push Brexit?

The British newspapers went into overdrive Sunday morning covering the Muslim terrorist who opened fire in a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 50 and wounding 50 more. While liberals in America focus on gays or gun rights, the British saw it as yet another Muslim terrorist wreaking havoc while those in authority stood helpless. With the Brexit vote in 10 days on whether to remain in the European Union, this attack makes the decision to leave easier.

There is a reason cowards like President Obama and Hillary Clinton wish to change the subject to gun control. They pursued policies ignorant of history or reality, policies which resulted in the collapse of Arab societies and the rise of the Islamic State. The smart diplomacy of Obama and Clinton resulted in dozens of wars and the slaughter of millions of people. If history is just, the names Obama and Clinton will become synonymous with naivety that endangers teh world, because that is what their policies have done.

But Obama and Clinton lamely blame guns rather than admit their horrific error. Who with an ounce of humanity can blame them for denying to their graves their role in such carnage?

In England, Sky News lefty Owen Jones said, “This was a deliberate attack on LGBT people. This was a deliberate attack on the LGBT community.”

Jones later stormed off the set.

How wearisomely predictable this kind of response is becoming. Whenever a hideous new act of terror is committed by a member of the Religion of Peace in the name of the Religion of Peace, the knee-jerk reaction of all enlightened people on the liberal-left is to explain away why, no actually, it’s really about something else.
So in this case, the killing and maiming over 100 people in an Orlando night club becomes not a manifestation of militant Islam’s clearly stated war on Western liberal values in general (which includes, of course, their well-documented hatred of homosexuals – whom their religious authorities enjoin them to kill) but merely a manifestation of the kind of “homophobia” liberals love most especially to condemn when it comes from safer, more politically correct targets like the “religious right”.
One of the more desperate points Jones struggled to make before he stormed off was that as a gay man he was in a better position to feel the full awfulness of the Orlando massacre than his straight co-presenters.
This is only true if you also believe that you really had to be French or a rock fan to get properly upset about the Bataclan massacre, or that you had to be a cartoonist or a journalist to feel the full horror of Charlie Hebdo.
The fact is the government has failed its primary mission, which is to protect a populace from invaders. After Charlie Hebdo, the French government held a kumbaya walk with EU heads of state, James Taylor sang "You've Got A Friend," and a few months later the carnage at Bataclan was even worse with Muslim terrorists killing 130 people.

Then came the Belgium subway bombing.

On top of that, Muslim gangs have raped thousands of young white girls in planned, racist attacks aimed at intimidating the invaded population. And it is working.

Only a fool would stay in such an abusive relationship. I doubt the majority of Britons are fools. They will vote on June 23 to exit -- and Make Britain Great Again.

Orlando likely sealed that.


  1. I doubt the majority of Britons are fools. They will vote on June 23 to exit -- and Make Britain Great Again.

    Perhaps. But regardless of the vote I doubt that Britain will ever leave the EU. Like their counterparts here in the US the European far Left is making sure the proles have no say in their governance.

    No matter how lopsided the vote is, I predict that Britain will stay.

  2. I really really hate to say this, but the murders by a Radical Muslim (redundant, I know)will help Trump. He called it, Hillary refuses to answer the damned phone (or Blackberry).

  3. I dunno how much Britain is influenced by US events, but, if it's happening here, it's a miracle it's not happening in Londonistan.

  4. The European Union is a failed experiment. Like it or not, nationalism is the only way to preserve a nation. Likewise, the United Nations is a failure. We need to get the U.S out of the U.N. and the U.N out of the U.S. - Elric

  5. This was a planned coordinated attack on the West in general.Trump is right.Look at the carnage and the blood.Americans died, Gay or not, it was an attack on all of US and Britian,too, as they are in ISIS sights. We have to fight. Brexit will be one of those
    things that I call "The day the world changed." So is Orlando.

  6. Pat Condell had this to say about the impending Brexit vote recently:

    Condell is not one to mince words.