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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump the sore losers

The Daily Mail just described the Never Trumpers to a T. The London newspaper called them sore losers, as it described Trump's efforts to keep them out of his party.

From the Daily Mail:
Donald Trump now wants those 'sore losers' who haven't endorsed him yet to be punished.
At a campaign appearance yesterday in Bangor, Maine, the presumptive Republican nominee railed against his former rivals who didn't hold up their end of the Republican National Committee's pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee.
'They broke their word and in my opinion they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful,' Trump told the crowd.
Trump said had he lost he 'would have honored the pledge.'
'It's amazing what can happen when you lose, it's amazing what can happen when you lose,' Trump said, according to CNN.
Out of the 16 candidates who ran for president against Trump, nine have now publicly expressed support for Trump while another seven Republicans are holding out.
Most notably – Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the last two Republican rivals Trump faced off against in the primaries.
Neither Cruz nor Kasich have endorsed their party's presumptive nominee, as they both had expected a contested convention and then a delegate fight in Cleveland.
Instead, Trump neatly beat them both in the Indiana primary on May 3, with Cruz dropping out that night and then Kasich pulling out the day after.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who was leading in the Iowa polls early on, but whose campaign never really got off the ground, is another endorsement hold-out who's expected to play a large role in the Republican Party for years to come.
I was for Walker but after this, he can get bent.

They are more than sore losers. They are liars. They are men who do not honor their word. They pledged to support the nominee. They aren't? Then dishonorably discharge them from the party.

Trump will win without them.


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  1. Walker was not a favorite of the GOPe; now I am greatly disappointed.

  2. Yeah - I was SO for Walker.

    I guess he figured it would be handed to him on a silver plate.

    Sore loser, I'm sad to say.

  3. Unless someone has explicitly come out against Trump, I think it's too soon to be kicking him/her to the curb. Wait until Trump secures the party's nomination. If they don't support Trump as the nominee after the convention, then it's time to wave goodbye to them.

  4. If, by some chance Trump is robbed of the nomination, I will quit the Stupid Party forever.

  5. "Donald Trump now wants those 'sore losers' who haven't endorsed him yet to be punished."

    Sick! How many of your friends and neighbors behave this way - even jokingly?

    I have been in the GOP for almost 60 years and I am a dedicated Never Trump advocate. Tell Donald that this is America, you know the one he wants to make great (again).

    I once worked on a local campaign in Wisconsin and when the candidate suffered a heart attack and died, we worked to get him elected anyway and we succeeded. Why? Because, dead or alive, he was our only alternative to a terrible opponent. Donald Trump is much like the opponent in question.

    1. Revealing yourself as nevertrump alone justifies Trump's thinking. He is going 5o be the leader of the party and its standard bearer. Anyone who is not OK with that should simply leave. So be a good boy and stay away from this blog and go vote for the chubby little lesbian choking on Human hairballs. And speaking of balls, you might consider growing a pair.

  6. Any month now, it'll dawn on these bozos like a airburst five hundred yards out.

    "Hey ... Trump is keeping score!"

  7. I wanted Walker at the start of the primaries.

    I voted for Cruz here in Virginia.

    I will happily vote for Trump come November.

    If Walker and Cruz don't drop the sore loser act before the convention starts, then they can both get bent.

    1. That was my progression. And I agree with O&U Dave - these guys are in politics and are surprised that Trump would keep score?

      -Mikey NTH

    2. Even (EVEN) Repubs keep score. And hold grudges.

  8. It isn't a matter of Trump “keeping score”, anymore than it's a matter of “sore losers”.

    I'm very dismayed that it is being couched in those terms, especially b/c that lends credence to the Never Trump bozos.

    What it really is all about is just exactly what Trump indicates: being foresworn!

    These people signed a document presented as an oath, stating they would put personal aspirations aside if they lost and support the eventual winner, whomever it might be... they have repudiated their oath— just as the “R”s did after we trusted their promises and gave them the majorities!

    How can on in consistency's name, be upset at the lying opportunists in congress and yet give these ex-presidential candidates a pass?

    I just don't understand it....