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Friday, June 17, 2016

Trump should hold Obama accountable for Orlando

You know what this nonsense from the Democratic Party and its Super PAC the media about the National Rifle Association, gun laws, and hate crimes really is?

It is all a cover-up for the negligence, incompetence, and disinterest of our commander-in-chief, Barack Obama. For nearly eight years he has fiddled while the Islamic State grew into a powerful force. The JVs are kicking our ass, not because we are weak, but because we are leaderless.

Because the media will not hold the president accountable, Trump must.

Trump needs to berate, belittle, and deride Obama as being over his head.

Call him Resident Obama. Lives in the White House. Golfs on presidential courses. Rides in Air Force One. Looks the part, but does not do the job.

Obama has a glass jaw. Loves to throw verbal barbs. It's time for Trump to get nasty on the president. Mock him as the empty suit that he is. Then watch him weep.

I want Trump to make the press cry foul, make the Republican officeholders in Washington wet themselves, and make the cowardly dandelion pundits in Never Trumpland cry.

But I want that jerk with his feet on the Resolute Desk to sweat -- really hard. I want him to become so angry that he, he, he, he, he, erm, um, okey dokeys all over himself.

The press thinks it will cook Trump this summer.

The media has declared open war on Trump. It is Palin 2008 all over again.

From Ed Driscoll:
On Tuesday, CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert “slammed Donald Trump on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show, drawing a swastika to explain the presumed Republican presidential nominee’s response to the Orlando, Florida mass shooting on Sunday,” Entertainment Weekly notes.
The old rules at CBS certainly apply here — comparing the Republican nominee to a Nazi has a long and storied pedigree at the “Tiffany Network.” Just ask the ghosts of Walter Cronkite and Daniel Schorr, who dished out the same treatment – on the CBS Evening News no less, not the network’s late night gab fest and comedy show – to Barry Goldwater in 1964.
There’s no doubt the media viscerally loathes Trump — in large part because Trump isn’t afraid to get in their faces and punch back twice as a hard, as a wise community organizer would advise. But they’d be battering any presidential candidate with an (R) after his name right around this time. The old rules are very much in force.
But the media is using the false issue of gun control to switch the conversation from the Islamic State's jihad against all Americans, because they know Trump wins on that score. Trump needs to point out the proposed gun laws would not have stopped San Bernardino, nor Orlando -- but taking the threat serious will.

The press will fight him on that.

Trump either beats the press and the president, or he loses in November.

I like his odds.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. I agree completely. He won't need to spend a dime on ads. Beating on thin-skinned widdle Barry and crooked Hillary will give him an order of magnitude more exposure than he could accomplish through traditional outlets.

    The news and entertainment people will loudly broadcast this stuff far and wide, honestly believing that it hurts Trump just because it hurts Trump through their eyes and the eyes of the other clowns stuck in their rapidly shrinking leftard echo chamber.

    It will win him a hell of a lot of votes come November, too.

    Maybe the pearl-clutching GOPe will catch on, but I seriously doubt it.

  2. We celebrate independence day with fireworks because we won our independence with firearms. Firearms that our second black muslim president wants to take away, so he and his ilk can run roughshod over any liberties they haven't already decimated. If the GOPe can't be trusted to take care of its own we have to look elsewhere. The left wants identity politics. I say let's give it to them.

  3. The Donald need to beat up on the press, too. Call out their lies and prevarications.

  4. There's no doubt that Obama has a special place in his heart for Muslims. Hillary does, too. (See: "Huma Abedin/Muslim Brotherhood.") The Donald should really cut loose on these Muslim apologists and enablers. They are truly a Fifth Column eroding our country. - Elric