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Friday, June 17, 2016

Trump the RINOs

Republican Dick Morris, who nearly a quarter-century ago helped guide Bill Clinton to the White House, has some advice for Trump on the party's elite.

Screw them.

While others say Trump should bring the party together, Morris is saying he should widen the gap between the nominee and the old party leadership.

From Morris:
If Trump can criticize the Romney wing of the party as elitist, out of touch, pro-Wall Street, and insensitive to the problems of the average American, he can make empathetic common cause with millions of Independent and Democratic voters who have rejected the GOP for precisely these reasons. Nothing will resonate better with those who followed Senator Bernie Sanders in his criticism of policies that coddle the “top one percent” than for Donald Trump to echo those criticisms.
Trump can propose a bold regulatory agenda to crack down on the big banks and might get little coverage or traction, but let him deliver an ad hominem attack on Mitt Romney on just those same grounds and it will be instant headline news. The media will wonder if Donald has lost his marbles in attacking a fellow Republican long after he has already wrapped up the nomination. They will wonder if his desire for revenge has overtaken his common sense as he seems to throw party unity to the wind.
But there will be method in Donald Trump’s madness. Each attack on Romney will serve to bring him closer to the Occupy Wall Street crowd. With Hillary’s slavish devotion to her Goldman Sachs masters and her Wall Street donors, Trump can uniquely inherit the mantle left by the Sanders candidacy.
He can attack Hillary all day long and most will shrug it off as just politics. But if he levels the same fire at Romney and his ilk, it will gain coverage and acquire credibility.
Trump is a rookie candidate making rookie mistakes, but the biggest mistake he could make is sticking with losers like Romney. He had his shot. Failed. America wants new. Trump is it.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. Last night on Bret B./FOX News the panel under the guidance of Chris Wallace blamed Trump for not reaching out to the Rep. "leaders" such as the Governors that are coming out against Trump. Why should he reach out to the scum that are unreachable? If Hillary wins I hope the "elites" choke on her SC nominees.

  2. I think he should reach out to/talk with the governors, to see where they can work together.
    The RNC, however, needs to be told that the voters DON'T LIKE THEM, not at all, not a tiny bit, so they've blown any opportunity to recover.

  3. What Morris is saying is that Trump has to be seen as the advocate for Main Street and castigate Hillary as the puppet of Wall Street.

    If we can get out of the gun control weeds, that should not be too difficult to accomplish.

    - Mikey NTH

  4. If elected Republicans don't want to get behind Trump, that's fine. Just STFU and take care of your own business.

    It's infuriating that some Republicans won't shut up even though every anti-Trump soundbite they provide will become Democrat advertisements and talking points from now to Election Day.

    These smirky, sanctimonious prigs are worse than Democrats because they are screwing over their base and they don't give a damn. To hell with them.

  5. Good advice, he just needs to wait until the nom is officially his, then he can take the gloves off on these jackals.

  6. To the GOPe, if Trump is the Party's nominee and you fail to support him in this election campaign, Requiescat in inferno.

  7. IMHO, much of the Republican establishment is as big a problem as is obama, president jarrett, and the rest of the democrat worms. If not for Trump, the Republicans probably would be running low energy jeb (sad trombone) and no one would be talking about immigration, unless it was how wonderful it was and how with a 20% unemployment rate, it was really important to continue to keep the immigration floodgates open to Syrians and other third worlders. Trump should and will stick to his guns and keep the immigration issue in play and up front. Dave Brat took out Eric Cantor in part b/c of his stance on immigration, which gets him the golden "A+" rating from NumbersUSA.

  8. There is so much in the loser GOP Establishment to be criticized and ridiculed. When is Trump going to really cut loosed on them? - Elric