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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump Hillary's money

According to Open Secrets, Hillary spent $225,173,676 to defeat a 73-year-old communist no one ever heard of.

Trump spent $64,729,675 to vanquish 16 opponents who spent a combined $701,293,230.

Today, Trump blasted Hillary and Bil Clinton for selling out the country to get blood money from Wall Street and dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

But the narrative out of Hillary Headquarters -- and spread by her Super PACs: the mainstream media and Never Trump -- is that he is broke and cannot get up and Republicans might as well not bother nominating him.

From Real Clear Politics:
Republican donors, still dubious of Donald Trump’s prospects in the general election and annoyed by his taunts during the primary, are keeping their wallets closed en masse even as the celebrity businessman has begun to court them.
The collective skepticism of the party’s most active donors was reflected starkly in Trump’s campaign finance report released Monday, which showed just $1.3 million on hand as of the end of May — nearly one month after he locked up the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton, for her part, has amassed a $42 million war chest for the general election, in spite of a primary contest that dragged on until this month.
All is lost.

From the New York Times:
Donald J. Trump enters the general election campaign laboring under the worst financial and organizational disadvantage of any major party nominee in recent history, placing both his candidacy and his party in political peril.
Mr. Trump began June with just $1.3 million in cash on hand, a figure more typical for a campaign for the House of Representatives than the White House. He trailed Hillary Clinton, who raised more than $28 million in May, by more than $41 million, according to reports filed late Monday night with the Federal Election Commission.
He has a staff of around 70 people — compared with nearly 700 for Mrs. Clinton — suggesting only the barest effort toward preparing to contest swing states this fall. And he fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on Monday, after concerns among allies and donors about his ability to run a competitive race.
Dead man walking.

From Huffington Post:
According to the most recent campaign finance filings available, 121 members of Congress — 78 representatives and 43 senators — have more cash on hand than presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.
Trump’s Federal Election Commission filing, filed Monday night, indicated he had just under $1.3 million at the end of May.
Because the filing deadlines for members of Congress and presidential candidates are different, a perfect comparison between the Trump campaign’s finances and the campaign finances of senators and representatives is impossible. But Trump’s filing shows that his campaign has less cash available than 121 members of Congress, based on their most recent FEC reports.
Good thing he's not running for Congress then.

From National Review:
In the wake of Donald Trump’s apocalyptically bad fundraising report, a new word seems in order to describe the exercise in grift being played out on the national stage. Call it a scampaign. The presumptive Republican nominee’s FEC filing, released yesterday, is quantitative confirmation that Trump is not running a presidential campaign so much as another of his success-immune business schemes. At the end of May, Trump had $1.3 million in cash on hand — less than the price of most apartments in Trump Tower — and managed to raise $3.1 million over the whole month. Hillary Clinton, by contrast, raised $27 million and ended the month with $42 million. Mitt Romney, that loser, raised $78 million in May 2012.
They have been saying for over a year he cannot win the nomination.

Now they say he cannot win in November.

We shall see.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. The Donald has turned the Presidential Election Paradigm on its ear. If he does nothing else, we should applaud him for that. - Elric

  2. The oligarchs have weighed Trump against Shrillary and decided to go with Shrillary. They fear Trump is a maverick who will not bend to their will but they know that the Clintons can be bribed. They prefer the devil they know to the devil they don't know.

    1. Maybe "They prefer the devil they can bribe, to the devil they can't"

  3. That one comparison is astounding.

    He also spent a tenth of what Jeb! did and had no trouble beating the favored candidate.

    I'll just bet the Lefties are scared.

  4. I hate to jump to a conclusion on so little evidence, but maybe the big money racketeers have realized that Hillary's buyable (albeit expensive), so could be a good investment. Trump maybe not so much. For us hoi polloi, that should be good news.

    But of course big money always wins, which is why Jeb! is the Republican candidate.

  5. Danial Hannan, British member of the European Parliament, gave a speech much like Trump's. It's on Powerline. Worth the 12 minutes.

    The link (with "_" instead of "." and ":")

  6. Who else hears the whistling past the graveyard?

  7. According to the NYT, Trump can't beat hil-liar-y b/c she has more campaign $$ than him. In other words, the NYT doesn't see this as an election based on ideas and the votes of the electorate, but rather a position for sale to the highest bidder. I am not sure the NYT to wrap fish guts, b/c then I would have to touch it ..... such wonderful, America-loving patriots there at the NYT. From underneath what rocks do these reptiles emerge?

  8. not sure "I would use"... sorry fellow posters, I definitely am not the world's best proofreader/editor.

  9. I know, right!? Apparently you can't evaluate the performance of a non-consensus non-progressive candidate on the same grounds as a consensus progressive like Hillary Clinton or Willard Romney. New game. New rules. Funny how no one seems to get that.

  10. I thought everyone wanted someone who was going to take the big money out of Presidential politics. Well, now they have that person and all they can do it criticize him. If everyone who is holding back because they think Trump can't win actually votes for Trump, Trump will win.