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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Translation: Hillary's problem is nobody likes her

This NBC headline amused me:
Hillary Clinton Gambles in Choosing Small Events Over Huge Rallies


She has no choice.

The truth is she would have trouble drawing flies even if she were covered in syrup. Nobody really likes her. She cannot attract the thousands that Trump draws (and before him Sanders and Obama).

Unlike Trump, her high unfavorables do not come with much enthusiastic support. Democrats know she is an election nightmare who is taking on water and so President Obama, Senator Warren, and Vice President Biden are trying to campaign for her. Or maybe avoid a down-ticket annihilation.

Mike Dukakis was more animated.

From NBC:
Over the last year, in at least a dozen states, Clinton has dedicated hours and hours to events so small that members of the media often match or outnumber the attendees.
Why are we reading this for the first time? Any other candidate would have faced a relentless press ridicule complete with late-night comics.

But she gets a pass because our media is so corrupt.

The story went on:
Her campaign is hopeful this uncommon campaign style will pay off in Tuesday's Kentucky primary, where she made a point of hosting low-key events with voters in the lead-up to today's contest.
In a primary election where Sanders and Trump continually draw thousands, Clinton has only matched her largest crowd -- the campaign's Roosevelt Island launch rally crowd of 5,000 -- once.
This is wholly intentional. Aides have characterized the tactic as one of the biggest "gambles" of the campaign and the closer she gets to clinching the Democratic nomination, the more vindicated they feel in taking this approach.
Smaller, more intimate events, aides argue, allow voters to see a different side of Clinton that doesn't always come across in more traditional campaign settings.
And the story goes on and on like a Lewis Carroll tale. It ended with this:
At a recent hospital visit in Camden, New Jersey, Clinton turned a 5-minute photo op into a 35-minute discussion on health care initiatives. When a nurse practitioner praised her work at the State Department on clean cookstoves in developing countries, Clinton beamed.
"That just lights up my wonkish heart," she said
Finally, we find an accomplishment in her life -- cookstoves.

I will wager the supplier of those cookstoves is a big donor.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. I am soooooooooo impressed by clean cookstoves.

  2. "Yeah, that's what it was, we *meant* to attract only 100 people, that is a unique and brave campaign style, that's the ticket, we *meant* to do that..." (my best Jon Lovitz impersonation).

  3. Clinton's campaign "strategery" seems to be: (1) stay out of the limelight so she doesn't do anything that might be newsworthy and lose her votes, (2) let her allies in the left-leaning media and her surrogates lie and smear her Republican opponent, (3) bet the (White) House on the presidential debates where she will count on her "experience" and "gravitas" to look more presidential.
    By the time the debates come around, I hope she's under indictment.

    BTW, the financial press is reporting that the official US GDP numbers for the past decade (since 2006) are about to be revised substantially downward. The new figures will be released just about the time of the Democratic convention. The final numbers will show the GDP's annual rate of growth during Obama's administration has been the 3rd worst in US history, besting only the negative rates of Herbert Hoover and Andrew Jackson. With the current figures BHO is just ahead of Theodore Roosevelt at 1.5% average annual GDP growth. The revised number will be substantially lower, likely ending up at half the average annual growth rate under the revised figure for George Bush. For comparison, the economy needs to grow at around 3% per annum to keep people employed and to avoid running up a Federal operating deficit.

    1. You left out (4) let the Republican "elites" and talking heads blast Trump and announce they can't support him.

  4. In terms of public event performance, Hillary Clinton is to Donald Trump as Second Lieutenant Steven Hauk is to Adrian Cronauer.

  5. Here you go. A link to a Breitbart story in hillary and her cookstoves:

  6. Maybe the allusion to cookstoves means that deep down, all that she really wants out of life is the ability to stay home and bake cookies.

  7. "This is wholly intentional. Aides realize that rent-a-crowds are expensive and they can only pay for so many attendees and their transportation. Plus, there are limited numbers of Democrat party operatives and public sector union members that can be ordered to attend rallies in smaller cities and towns around the country."

    There, FIFY.