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Thursday, June 16, 2016

There should be no "no fly" list

Taking away one's constitutional right to travel freely within the United States without a trial by a jury of one's peers is an abomination that is part of the Security Theater that followed 9-11. In retrospect, conservatives should have revolted against President Bush when he naively created the Department of Homeland Security.

There is no evidence that a "no fly" list is anything more than a nuisance that any terrorist could easily get around with a stolen ID, but which honest citizens mistakenly on the list have no recourse. The idea that we would use this idiotic list to deny gun ownership without due process is totalitarian.

I am not surprised that Joe Manchin favors this diseased thinking. Seriously, it protects no one. This would not have stopped the San Bernardino massacre at the hands of Muslims, nor Sunday's massacre by Muslims in Orlando.

The Department of Homeland Security quickly became another politicized arm of the Democratic Party now run by Commissar Jeh Johnson, who would rather go after conservatives who rally peacefully than Muslims who kill in the name of Mohammad. The politically correct nature of the TSA, which treats all citizens like terrorists, shows it is a mall cop agency. We need good police work that targets suspects rather than everyone.

No politician will call for dismantling this agency for fear of being blamed if something goes wrong.

This is what happens when politicians panic.

The "no fly" list is unconstitutional. If only the ACLU protected our rights again.


  1. The ACLU is a Leftist organization.

    It's interesting that every time we have a sociopathic Democrat in the White House (Willie was one, too), we have this kind of politicization of the government.

  2. edutcher - You are correct. Nixon requested one FBI file and was rebuffed. Was grounds for impeachment. Clinton got 1000 of them. Nixon tried to politicize the IRS to audit his enemies. No luck. Was grounds for impeachment. Both Clinton and Obungler have had the IRS audit their enemies. The Obungler IRS discriminated against conservative organizations. Lois Lerner is happily retired with her six figure pension. Nixon ordered Elliot Richardson to fire Archibald Cox. Richardson resigned. Janet Reno protected Clinton and Holder and Lynch are protecting Obungler. Why are Dimocrat administrations such cesspools of corruption?

  3. They don't need stolen ID's. They can go to work for the TSA, DHS contractors or at the airport as baggage handlers.

  4. TSA should be abolished and security left to the airlines.

  5. Not sure why the ACLU has been brought into this in the manner in which you have done so:

    For that matter, I don't think I have ever before felt compelled to defend the ACLU.

    1. Possibly because they're not making a stink about this, as they would do if they thought it was a big deal.

  6. The federal government under the Obama administration has adopted the strategy of restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens while increasing civil mayhem with of uncontrolled, illegal immigration, soon to be enhanced by a flood of Muslim immigrants. Fundamental transformation, indeed. - Elric

  7. American citizens and legal resident aliens who are on the government's no-fly list should be made to wear little yellow badges and to carry special ID "transit papers" on them whenever they are out in public, and their names should be prominently published on the Internet so their neighbors and families know just who these dangerous people are. If these people are such a clear threat to the nation that they cannot be trusted to use public transit, the rest of us should know exactly who they are so we can protect ourselves against them in case they are about to buy a gun and "go Orlando."

    And the Dems have the nerve to call Trump a Nazi for his proposal to vet immigrants before letting them into the country! If the super-double secret no-fly list isn't Fascist to the core, and Obama isn't Hitler reincarnated for allowing this list to exist without providing people legal recourse to remove their names from the list, then I'm James LeBron.

  8. Why do we need a second Department of Homeland security? the one we had prior to 9-11-01 was good although hamstrung in a manner that allowed the attacks to happen.
    Lets get back to the one that worked for two plus centuries, our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. As for transportation safety, let every off duty cop carry his issue weapon when traveling. Let every person who has taken and passed a concealed carry course, including back ground check carry while flying. Will the Omar Mateens slip through? will they have the balls to try it on a plane full of folks armed and ready to protect lives?


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