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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The real atrocity in Orlando

I don't know what to say. A Muslim terrorist kills 50 people and injures 50 more at a gay club in Orlando in the early morning. That is a tragedy.

The atrocity is the opportunism of liberals to politicize the tragedy. From Tom Brokaw to the New York Times, liberals ghoulishly use this attack to forward their totalitarian agenda of disarming ordinary citizens while hiding behind armed guards.

Those liberals who pounced on this tragedy have no regard for human life. The dead were not even identified and next of kin notified when they uttered their sanctimonious demands for gun control.

From Tom Brokaw:
There are a lot of dead people at the point of a gun. Guns are really easy to get their hands on and that's the debate that ought to be going on. As I said a moment ago, in America now it is taken for granted. You got a problem, take care of it with a gun. I grew up with guns. We didn't have this kind of thing going on at that time. Everybody had sports rifles and they were taught by their parents or others. We didn't have mass shootings across America like we do now. They are a routine.
Ghoul. Just a plain exploiter of the dead. By the way, gun murders fell steadily from 1994 top 2014. Then last year, the Black Lives Matter racists undermined police protection of black people in many urban centers and the death toll mounts.

From Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut:
"Congress has become complicit in these murders by its total, unconscionable deafening silence," he said in a statement. "This doesn't have to happen, but this epidemic will continue without end if Congress continues to sit on its hands and do nothing -- again."
Ghoul. Is Congress complicit in traffic deaths because it will not ban automobiles?

From Bernie Sanders (same link as Murphy's quote):
"We should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill people. We have got to do everything that we can on top of that to make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of people who should not have them, criminals, people who are mentally ill. So that struggles continues."
Ghoul. And fool. Congress banned private ownership of automatic weapons in 1934.

I call on President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to denounce this politicization of this tragedy.


  1. Guns don't kill people. Muslims do.

    1. actually, in the case of recent mass shootings its been pointed out that more demokkrats are involved than Muslims. Friends don't let demkkkrats "keep and bear arms"!

  2. It's the old "never let a good crisis go to waste" mentality that Rahm Emmanuel and other Clinton advisers delighted in. Never mind the hundred or so people who died, and forget the fact that the attacker was a Muslim extremist; we have to blame it all on the right-wing gun nuts!

    You're right: ghouls.

  3. It's the only response they have.

    It might be just a tad more credible if they knew what they Hell they were talking about.

    Mumbles Brokaw wants AR14s outlawed.

    Don, did you ever fire an AR14 in the Army, or did you only use M-15s?

  4. Today, whether you support the Gaylifestyle or not, Free Americans,
    in Free assembly, were gunned down by an ISLAMIST Jihadi.He
    was an ISIS operative.
    Yet they only war declared was
    on free people defending themselves..
    Trump 2016

  5. Muslim walks into a gay bar. Bartender says what will it be? Answer, Shots for everybody!

  6. It makes sense, right? A terrorist shoots up a party scene and the ghouls call for taking away protection from everyone. Just brainless.

  7. Taking guns from people the Constitution has protected, will not stop killers with guns undetected.

  8. "I grew up with guns. We didn't have this kind of thing going on at that time. Everybody had sports rifles and they were taught by their parents or others. We didn't have mass shootings across America like we do now."

    If anything the gun laws have become tighter over the years and access to guns more difficult, so the explanation cannot simply be guns or gun laws. It has to be something else in the culture that has changed. Maybe Brokaw could ask whether he and his liberal friends have contributed to the coarsening of the culture in ways that have led to such disregard for life. One might ask, for example, whether from a moral point of view abortion on demand and mass killings differ in any significant measure when it comes to the callous disregard of life.

    And it might also give people like Brokaw pause to consider the fact that a native-born American Muslim became radicalized within his religion. This heinous act proves the wisdom of Trump's call for a freeze on the US accepting unvetted Muslim refugees from the Middle East. There is something in the waters of Islam that makes people sick when they drink from the Koran. It's time for Brokaw and all open-borders advocates, whether on the Left or the Right, to think long and hard about that reality.

    1. What Trump is seeking to do is to change the instinctive reaction of the leadership to enemies, foreign and domestic, from handwringing blame-shifting paralysis to one of: "IS THAT [GERUND] SO?!"

    2. Brokaw didn't grow up with Muslims, ISIS, Al Qaeda, or suicide bombers he just ignores their existence.

  9. I bet Trump picked up a few gay votes today.

    1. Apparently the Phoenix LGBT
      rights chapter has gone Trump. (heard that on the radio..)
      TG McCoy

  10. There are three responses to an existential threat.

    1. Freezing.
    2. A stampede away from the threat.
    3. A stampede TOWARDS the threat.

    There's been enough of 1. and 2. There's been precious little of 3.

    It's time to get UAF-93 on these peckerheads. What have you got to lose if they're going to gun you down anyway? So the waitress throws a tray at his head, Jimmmy goes high, Joey goes low, and he's ploughed under. Maybe he gets a few shots off, but after the first few, they're liable to be wild anyway. The important thing is those first two or three seconds of reaction.

    And then the perp is beaten sh**less by an avalanche of enraged patrons. Probably killed. And, in a this type of case, by a bunch of gays.

    That's gotta be some kind of disgrace in the ISIS theology circles. Probably worse than being killed by a woman. A real disgrace-your-family-for-generations, burn-in-hell-for-eternity disgrace.

    Think the next ISIS terrorist is going to be keen to follow in those footsteps?

  11. The Liberal "No More Guns" card has gotten so old and tired, you come to realize it's the only one they've got left. A sad, pathetic bunch of aged hippies, longing for Woodstock. And, even worse, wanting to be BFFs with vermin who clearly want to kill them, and us. It's disgusting, and I am beyond angry right now. You want my gun, Tom? Then come up here to the Eastern Panhandle and try to take it way from me, you pussy...

  12. As they said back in the Old West, "God created men and Sam Colt made them equal."

    Wonder how many gays are going out to get a gun permit?

    Steve in Greensboro

    1. Years ago,I worked with a Lesbian who was the type of
      person I would have in a foxhole with me. The Jihadis may kill her but you'd find the body under
      a pile of them...TG McCoy

    2. Same experience. I'm just appalled at all of the men in that place who just cowered. Shades of VA Tech when guys went jumping out of thoughts of manning up. Holy Sh--, who raised these cowards?

  13. "I don't know what to say."

    From the Left's point of view, you're supposed to say nothing. You are supposed to keep quiet while the Left makes sure the tragedy does not get wasted. The Left uses incidents like this one to claim for themselves the "high moral ground," like it was some modern moral equivalent of San Juan Hill. Anyone who might have a different take on what happened or why it happened, or who might disagree with the Left's narrative are expected to shut up. The Left will use the horrendous nature of the tragedy to shut down dissent. If you're not on their side, they will try to shame you into keeping quiet, and if you don't keep still, then they will call you a terrible person...because in their minds Conservatives by their very nature are horrible people.

    1. ... Wheras it is the Lefties who are terrible people.

    2. ... Wheras it is the Lefties who are terrible people.

  14. "while hiding behind armed guards."

    The irony is that the attacker was a licensed armed guard. He could have killed any of them had they made the fatal mistake of hiring him.

  15. Here is what John Bolton wrote: "We simply must start acknowledging that terrorists -- whether ISIS, Al Qaeda, or others -- are not structured like governments or corporations. They are not staffed with desk-bound bureaucrats in grey suits, arranged pursuant to a complex, hierarchical organization chart. They do not send memoranda to each other through a complex clearance process, with copies distributed far and wide."

    As an Islamophile, Obama thinks terrorists like this puke face are "lone wolves." Bolton says otherwise. I agree with Bolton. The terrorists who act singly know what the ISIS and Al Queda program is. They don't need direct orders from command HQ to act. They believe in the ideology and act when the opportunity presents itself. Here's an analogy. Lois Lerner and her co-workers at the IRS probably did not get direct orders from the White House to target conservative organizations. But they sure knew what the White House preferred. So they acted probably not under any direct order that could be trace back to some higher ups, but when the occasion and opportunity suited them. If you have a pretty solid idea of what the big guys want, you don't need a handwritten letter telling you who, what, why, and when to move forward. You do it because you want to do it. A sly wink and a nod from the boss man is all you need. In Orlando, it appears an Imam nodded.

  16. The Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, was the most measured. “As we wait for more information,” she tweeted, “my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act.”

    Clinton and Obama are desperate to find some video to blame. Have they located one yet?

  17. Sorry Don, but Congress did NOT ban the ownership of automatic weapons in 1934. What they did was enact a registration requirement.

    Ownership of *new* automatic weapons was banned in 1986. But the existing ones at the time are all still legal to own.

  18. Too bad nobody in the bar had a gun to shoot back. A lot of lives could have been saved. considering their support for banning firearms and homosexuality (therefore, no children), is this proof that the Progressive Left is devolving? I want no part of it. - Elric