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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Rich Lowry, defender of decorum

Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, harrumphed out a column and named it, "Donald Trump Represents Republicans’ Baser Feelings."

I love the smell of fresh hypocrisy on a Sunday morning.
Remember this exchange on Megyn Kelly's show last summer?
KELLY: Let’s start with that. People say it’s sexist to say her business career was a disaster. Has anybody said that?
LOWRY: No, no one disputes that. Trump obviously attacks everyone, but she’s become a much bigger target, and I think part of what’s going on here is that last debate. Let’s be honest. Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon.
KELLY: What did you just say?
LOWRY: He knows it.
KELLY: You can’t say that.
LOWRY: He knows he insulted and bullied his way to the top of the polls. No one was able to best him ever, except for this tough lady on that stage. And it must kill him. He must be simmering about it to this night.
If Trump has an elemental appeal to his supporters, he also drags down the Right to its lowest common denominator. Forget the philosophers, the books, the ideas, the policies, the entire intellectual infrastructure of conservatism as it’s been developed over decades — insulting the right people is just as, if not more, important. Forget the sermonizing about the centrality of personal probity and trustworthiness, elevated into a fever pitch during the controversies of Bill Clinton’s presidency — the cardinal virtue is sheer combativeness. Forget the suspicion of state power and the fear that it can be wielded to punish those who antagonize people in high office — it all depends, apparently, on who is punishing whom.
Lowest Common Denominator?

Well at least the staff at the National Review has stopped saying we whelp our children with all the wisdom of a stray dog.

For now.

Trump fights. Lowry doesn't.

Well, not with liberals, that is.


  1. I started reading NR when I was thirteen. After I left home I continued to maintain a subscription to it until about two years after they started berating fellow conservatives who didn't like the idea of legalizing pot. And the only reason it went that far is because I had paid ahead because of their deceptive marketing. I've often wondered if my letters asking them to stop sending me their crummy mag weren't the source for one of WFB's last books: Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription. The utter lack of humility of these people is astounding. And yet they have profited from doing the work of the left for sixty years by continually punching to the right, while they know that the left has historically been stronger and has achieved every damn one of its policy goals one by one because it does not do so. No more. No enemies to the right. Throw out all the warnings you want. You cannot tolerate what the left is doing to us and continue to insult people to your right. Go to Hell Mr. Lowry.

  2. "I love the smell of fresh hypocrisy on a Sunday morning." This should be tagged as a semi-classical reference. (Apocalypse Now)

    NR thinks they're standing in the road, athwart history, but they're really standing in the road in a dust cloud generated by all the rest of us roaring past them. We are breaking their rice bowl. (Sand Pebbles)

    1. Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?
      Lance: What?
      Kilgore: Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.
      Kilgore: I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

      Lt. Col. Kilgore was played by the actor Robert Duvall, who's an appropriate choice to quote these days. Whether Trump's scorched earth campaign style leads to victory in November, I do not know. But as our troops learned in Nam, Trump's worst enemies in the election war will be the traitors at home in his own party, like Lowry.

  3. This is the kind of guy who campaigns on the motto, "It's not whether you win or lose, but that you lose like a gentleman".

    The Donald wants to win and he goes after the Lefties by turning their methods against them.

    Robert Rogers smiles.

  4. NR? Is that the one with Alfred E. Newman?

    1. MAD Magazine, NG, but you have a most sharp point, there.

  5. I am proud to be called the Lowest Common Denominator by National Review. Schmucks. - Elric

  6. This is the same guy that edits "authors" who say the white working class should die. A guy who puts out ethnic cleansing prose and advocates genocide. That "polite" guy? How droll. You already have shown your hand Lowery and now you're trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

  7. "harrumphed out a column".

    Give the guy an expectorant.

  8. Rich Lowry, just another cuckservative loser.

  9. Lowry tells us we're forgetting this massive edifice of conservative thought, policy, philosophy, doctrine and virtue. Those things are very valuable.
    The problem is, since we still have a weak version of self governance they mean nothing if you don't first win, and when you've won, shoving them down your enemies' throats.

    These decades of conservative sand castle building he rhapsodizes, have precisely coincided with an inexorable glacial grinding of all those virtues into dust by the plodding, incremental, win at all costs left we are at war with, or perhaps more precisely, that is at war with us.

    Trump has risen, at the very basic level, because we are sick to death of losing our country while being "led" by a bunch of big talkers and debating club losers who have no clue about and little stomach for the dirty, non ideological work of beating the enemy and then, and far more importantly changing the field of battle to one that favors us. These #nevertrump imbeciles are apparently willing to continue the losing ways they have utilized since FDR and even Wilson so long as they have this fine and impressive monastery of conservative brilliance to shelter in like the monks in A Canticle For Leibowitz. The problem of course is the precious scriptures those monks guarded were only precious because the world had been destroyed.

    Some of us would prefer taking a crack at stopping the New Left holocaust rather than surviving it.

  10. "Forget the philosophers, the books, the ideas, the policies, the entire intellectual infrastructure of conservatism as it’s been developed over decades...."

    How about you first concentrate on winning? Because without winning all of those philosophers, books, ideas, and policies will never see the light of day outside of a used bookstore near the university.

    Without political power your precious principles and philosophies are useless.

    - Mikey NTH