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Monday, June 20, 2016

If Trump were Hitler, Pitts would be too afraid to speak out

So big, bad Leonard Pitts Jr. posted a cutting-edge column in which he calls Trump "Hitler."

The irony is by calling Trump "Hitler," Pitts proved Trump isn't because Pitts would be too scared to call out an actual tyrant. How do we know this? Because he is a follow-the-crowd liberal. A coward really.

Trump is a safe subject for him. Trump supporters don't threaten violence at rallies, in fact most of them are old and soft.

The real brown shirts wave Mexican flags and throw eggs, for now.

Pitts based his claim solely on Trump's speaking style, which is similar to Hitler's -- but also JFK, Reagan, and Obama to name only three popular politicians who could wow a crowd. Pitts cited two Holocaust survivors who were infants when Hitler rose to power, but who nonetheless avowed that Hitler rose the same way.

Of course, calling Trump "Hitler" is silly and Pitts knows it. But he wrote on anyway.

Pitts wrote:
No, I don’t predict a new Holocaust if Trump bamboozles America into electing him. But some new calamity, inconceivable to us now, but repulsive to the values we claim to hold dear, does seem certain.
And that raises a question: If one should never be too quick to make comparisons to Germany in the 1930s, is it not also important, on the rare occasions it is merited, to make sure one is not too slow?
Enough. Just stop it already. Pitts has dropped the bar for being Hitler so low it is on the ground.

In defining Hitler as a "calamity," Pitts shows all the wisdom of Marge Shott. The organized and carefully executed slaughter of 12 million people, including two-thirds of all Jews in Europe was not just some catastrophic event but a crime against humanity. If Pitts really thought Trump posed such a danger, Pitts would leave the country.

Indeed, Einstein and others were gone even before Hitler took office.

The real danger to America is liberals like Pitts who push upon their readers a "Hogan's Heroes" version of Hitler as some incompetent buffoon. Consider this:
I’m not the only one who sees the shadow of Germany in the 1930s over America in the 2010s. Once again, a clownish demagogue bestrides the political landscape, demonizing vulnerable peoples, bullying opponents, encouraging violence, offering simplistic, strongman solutions to difficult and complex problems, and men and women who bear more moral authority on this subject than I ever could see something chilling and familiar in him.
There was nothing clownish about Hitler when he rose to power in 1932. He was ruthless. By passing Hitler off as "a clownish demagogue," Pitts helps the left move toward making the word Hitler meaningless.

And that is the real demagoguery. That is the real menace. Instead of worrying about the targets of the violent protests -- Trump supporters -- Pitts ought to be concerned about those dropping the F-bombs and starting the fights.

Coming soon -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. A lot of people wrote off Hitler in the 20s, but, yes, in the 30s, when the SA was going to war with the red Front on a daily basis, people were much more serious.

    What the Lefty nitwits are doing is taking the sting out of Hitler comparisons the way they took the sting out of racist by using it on anyone who disagreed with Little Barry.

    PS "difficult and complex problems" is Lefty for, "We'll throw a ton of money at it until we decide to forget about it until the next time it becomes an issue".

    1. Godwin's Law: Pitt automatically loses the argument.

  2. Let's do the Spartacus thing. I'll start: I'm Hitler.

  3. I saw this from the sad Mr. Pitts earlier this am. Hitler? Really. Leonard, everyone now is friggin Hitler. Hell Leonard, you look a little Hitler-esque if you ask me. Have you ever said Gesundhiet, Leonard? I got news bro', the Hitler card wore out a long time and if that is all you got, you got nothin'. Go home and play with your dog or watch the ball game. Tell your editor to pick him his game and some more creative junior high school columnists, how about using Pol Pot or some other murderous tyrant whose name has a little more novelty.

  4. The Islamofascist terrorists know exactly what their cause is, and they must be quite pissed off at the leftist-dominated media for saying otherwise.

    So ask yourself this: How will these ignored psychopaths respond to being ignored? They'll say, "We're not getting through to these ink-stained leftist buttheads. Same with the TV guys."

    What do you think happens then?

  5. The very same people who tell us we don't need military style weapons to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government (which was the intent of the 2nd Amendment) declare that Trump is Hitler.

    And they are blind to the contradiction of their narrative.

  6. The ghost of Hitler lives rent free within the vast, empty cranial expanses of millions of angry liberal knuckleheads like Pitts. Their brains may strain to move to higher levels of reasoning and consciousness, but then "Hitler" and their cranial housing short circuits and they go back to level one.

  7. Pitts has been full of sh*t for almost 20 years! And has wanted for veracity for 20 years!

    But he has one thing in common with Audi "tell a lie loud enough and long enough and folk will believe it to be fact."

  8. Wait a minute: if Trump was really Hitler the lefties would be falling over themselves to support him. Be like the 30s all over again.

  9. Trump = Hitler. If someone had killed Hitler in the early days then calamity would have been avoided. Enter the young Brit illegal who tried to kill Trump in Las Vegas. Connect the dots.

  10. Surber: Glad to see you find someone calling another "Hitler" to be repulsive - and rightfully so. Too bad you were slow to post a column like this when the likes of Rush, Ben Carson, Glenn Beck, Huckabee, Hank Williams Jr., Rick Santorum, etc., etc. all call/compare President Obama to Hitler.

  11. I forget when I first read of Pitts, and read him for a while. Until he lost his mind.

  12. It is well known that Hitler breathed air. Trump also breathes air. So I guess Pitts is onto something.