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Monday, June 20, 2016

Gun debate makes America less safe

On the morning of Sunday, June 13, 2016, the national press, the president and everyone else in the Democratic Party, and their colleagues in the Republican Party woke up to the sickening news of an Islamic terrorist attack on the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, hours earlier.

What sickened the president and these minions was not the death of 50 gay people, including the assailant, but rather the fear that another Islamic attack in America would help elect Donald Trump. Our Gollums in Washington immediately worked to change the subject from President Obama's failure to protect the nation. Sadly, the press and the politicians succeeded.

After casting about for what to blame -- homophobia -- the press and the politicians went to an old reliable: gun control. We are talking not about how to root out young Muslim men who want to kill us indiscriminately, the media focused on the gun. There is not one mainstream media outlet that has not followed this insanity down the rabbit hole.

In the first wave of lies, the media erroneously reported that the weapon of choice was an AR-15, which is the nation's most popular rifle.

Then the media duly posted stories on how easy it is to get a gun.

No one went to the terrorist's mosque to find how easy it is to get recruited into the Islamic State.

Senators rolled out boiler plate proposals that once again would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy. There is no gun show loophole. Federally licensed gun dealers have to do background checks regardless of the point of purchase.

The president's unconstitutional proposal to deny gun purchases to people on the No Fly list also would not have stopped him.

Because the terrorist had already flown in recent years to Saudi Arabia. Twice. And he passed background checks not only to purchase weaponry, but to work security for a contractor with the Department of Homeland Security.

America is under attack, but Washington does not care. That Americans -- fed up with the cavalier attitude in Washington -- may elect someone who will put the people first has the president and the various political and journalistic officials spooked. They want to change topics. They did. And we are less safe because of that.


  1. Trump, seeing an opening, used it to make clear why his vision is necessary.

    Everybody else fell back on boilerplate.

    And they wonder why everybody wants a change.

  2. The DOJ censors the 911 calls and the shooters
    taunting of police -the words are taken out
    like Jhihad ,durka durka etc.etc.
    Don't want to insult the Saudis , you know..
    TG McCoy

  3. I was at a convenience store the other day when I saw the young fella ahead of me in line was openly carrying what looked to be a .45 cal revolver. I smacked him on the shoulder and told him, Thank you, son. At the time, I was carrying concealed, as I've done since 1974. Personally, I don't go for open carry...don't want to draw undue attention. Never went to NYC in the '70s without my S&W 9mm. Carried same in Wash DC in the '80s. Had it in Los Angeles in the '90s. I know, I know...POS politicians ruled, "You can't do that". BUT...I got a piece of paper called the US Constitution that forced politician assholes to swear that they would uphold the God-given rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. I keep and bear arms because there will always be POS politicians. Never been afraid of my neighbors, but we see how the BLM has put ranchers in prison to steal their land, and murdered a fella in Oregon named LeVoy, cause they wanted to steal his land. It's always been this way. I've always carried concealed. Never registerd a gun, never begged for permission or a permit. I'm American.

    1. I had CC permit for about fifteen years before I started using it. I started carrying when I was doing an operation and one of the staff said that everything was on lockdown because a recently fired employee had been seen in the department. I knew then and there that no one would be in a better position to protect me than myself. ( I got the permit at a time when having one meant an easier time in background checking as I was mainly buying for hunting)

  4. while we're at it, let's ban ice cream. that way no one will be obese or have diabetes. Also, we MUST ban airplanes. Terrorists have used planes to kill thousands of us.

  5. Taqqiya as practiced by the Administration and it's useful idiots in the MSM.

  6. The Progressive Left senses a massive upheaval coming and is pushing as hard as possible for their "wish list" items before Obama leaves office. - Elric

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