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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Best spin NYT can give is "No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton"

Team Clinton led by the New York Times put the following spin on the damning Benghazi report on Hillary Clinton's reckless incompetence as secretary of State, and her blatant lies covering up her grave errors in the deaths of an ambassador and three other Americans in Libya following her decision to bomb Libya, which turned it into an anarchist state.

The spin?
House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton
Well, there is plenty of old evidence, is there not?

The story began: "Ending one of the longest, costliest and most bitterly partisan congressional investigations in history, the House Select Committee on Benghazi issued its final report on Tuesday, finding no new evidence of culpability or wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton in the 2012 attacks in Libya that left four Americans dead."

No further reference to the cost of the investigation was made; it was stated as fact without any reference, not even a quote from some Democratic flunky.

The game is to write banality at the top of the story but hide the real details down deep where most readers seldom go.

From the New York Times:
On Monday, Mr. Gowdy issued yet another statement accusing the administration of obstructing the investigation.
“For nearly a year and a half, the State Department has withheld documents and information about Benghazi and Libya from the American people’s elected representatives in Congress,” Mr. Gowdy said. “Whatever the administration is hiding, its justifications for doing so are imaginary and appear to be invented for the sake of convenience. That’s not how complying with a congressional subpoena works, and it’s well past time the department stops stonewalling.”
Mr. Gowdy said some of the documents were first requested in November 2014.
Among the committee’s most substantive recommendations were a change in the security standards for temporary diplomatic outposts.
“The State Department should comply with the requirements of the Overseas Security Protection Board and the standards provided for in the Secure Embassy Construction and Counterterrorism Act for all premises/facilities occupied for more than 30 days, whether official or unofficial,” the committee wrote, adding: “The State Department should identify a specific funding source for immediate security upgrades for posts in high threat areas.”
Lies, obfuscations, and systemic obstruction are dismissed as party politics.

Journalists stopped striving for the truth 30 years ago. Had the old rules applied, Missus Clinton would be an old drunk living in Paris on her memories of four years in the White House.


  1. Also from the New York Times:

    Titanic No Longer Sinking

  2. Ah, for the days of a free, unfettered, and insatiably curious press. I grow weary from the constant yapping of the Progressive Press and Pundits. - Elric

  3. Nicely put.

    "Journalists stopped striving for the truth 30 years ago. "

    Make that 50 years.

  4. There were a few 50 years ago, but very few. In Vietnam the real ones didn't need to ask questions, they were there during the bloodletting. The others were vultures.

  5. As President, the best thing Trump could say to the Leftards in the media is "Now cut that the hell out! Next question."

  6. They ceased being journalists years ago. Now, they are propagandists and stenographers for the Dimocrat Party. How these people can look at themselves in mirrors is beyond me.

    Had the old rules applied Missus Clinton would be in jail for the rest of her life. FIFY.

  7. If I had a thousand pigeons, I wouldn't buy a NYT for them to poop on. Now, if I could get them free...