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Sunday, June 05, 2016

An excerpt from "Trump the Press"

You voted for Trump, now feed the crow to those who guaranteed he would not be nominated.


  1. I still check on a few anti Trump or never Trump sites every now and then just to see what they're up to. This remains a common refrain. Complain about the things that he has raised as issues and then go on talking as if no one is doing so, as if there is no Trump and no Trump campaign. It is astounding to me that people can go on like this. They actually seem like they can ignore the elephant in the room. But doing so is either an act of voluntary autism or madness, and they are shutting themselves off from engaging in the biggest thing that has happened in politics in the past forty years.

  2. Nothing did as much for his campaign as his championing some justice for her.

    Maybe AG Giuliani will be able to see it through.

  3. I had the impression that Cal Thomas was smarter than that. Oh, well.

  4. Cal Thomas offered up an opinion about Trump's constant attack on Mexicans, so write him off as "not conservative" or for having committed some other "mouthing-off" crime.

    Funny thing about that is the fact that Cal Thomas has never been fired from his job for expressing an opinion which wrought disagreement from his editor - but my ancient memory (perhaps better than that of The Donald) recalls a nasty incident involving a certain (then-conservative) editorial writer parting company with his Charleston, WV newspaper employer. Let see now, was that comment:"Look at that little monkey run" or was that how Howard Cosell got into trouble?

  5. I see that "The Daily Kumquat", a bitter but healthy response to the propaganda of American Imperialism and Plutocracy, agrees about Cal Thomas:

    Cal Thomas is a professional propagandist. Selling the agendas of American plutocracy and Israeli Zionism, Thomas inadvertently provides wonderful insights into the way his clients want us to think. Those who dismiss Cal Thomas as irrelevant make a grave mistake, for his patented brand of self-righteous hypocrisy is foisted upon local newspaper readers all across the United States. As Joseph Goebbels knew only too well, a lie repeated often enough will assume the force of truth. The lies of Cal Thomas have greased the country’s slide into war, and may do so again if not recognized and resisted.


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