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Saturday, June 04, 2016

An excerpt from "Trump the Press"

You voted for Trump. Now enjoy feeding the crow to his critics.


  1. I venture to say that, what Donald Trump has done for conservative politics recently, and what Our Donald has never ceased doing for conservative journalism, is akin to renewed close-quarters training that various armies have reinstituted in recent times.

    Namely, fighting back in ways previously abandoned as having no place in today's world.

    Sure, a bayonet charge in this day and age is not the gamechanger it was on Little Round Top. But if a grunt starts to regard his blade as "just a tool" for use in camp, then, in a sudden grapple, he's not going to instinctively reach for it as a weapon. But Taliban-guy does, grabs it, and stabs him. Hence the renewed emphasis is some militaries on this sort of combatives training.

    Similarly with the two Donalds. No more will liberals twist around our conservative values and use them against us, because we are not shunning their use anymore. We WILL reach for them as our first instinct.

    That's how I see it, at any rate.

  2. Looking back you can see that Trump has had something like this rumbling around in the back of his mind, but refrained from entering the fray because there were other people who seemed adequate for the job and he had other fish to fry anyway. After the Obama presidency and how the Republican party was dismissive of the Tea Party, despite the massive statehouse and national legislative majorities they brought, and seeing how Cantor got his butt whipped by Brat, and not a one of them taking the people seriously, he decided to Brat the big boys. It is tempting to say that he is a product of the time, but these things work both ways. He did as much to carve out his space as the sociopolitical milieu did to prepare the soil for him to work. Leadership works both ways, too. Charles Martel was brilliant in his way, but he had the right tools at the right time, as well.

  3. We were wanting a leader, someone to get out front and attack the enemy. Of opposition, if you will. I won't. The Left IS our enemy.

  4. Nope not Roy Rodgers, more William Wallace.
    With a bit of Theodore Roosevelt mixed in.
    He is not afraid.

  5. Oh yes Big D, I'm feeding a lot of it lately. I'm almost starting to feel guilty about it, but then I think about the increased abuse his supporters are going to endure until November and then I'm like, cookin up six more crows. But really...this is fun! We redefine the Republican Party, give them a testicle transplant, completely throw the Demmies into disarray, and make King Barack go if if if if if if...

    How awesome is this? VERY awesome.