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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump's map of the United States of America

In 2000, Bush's political advisor Karl Rove put Coddy Johnson in charge of five states, including West Virginia. Then Rove told him, “If you spend more than 30 seconds thinking about West Virginia, you'll be fired.”

Johnson listened to Rove, ignored West Virginia, and Al Gore was elected president despite losing Florida by 538 votes.

Of course, it did not happen that way. Coal billionaire Buck Harless, who lived a plain life among the miners in his hometown of Gilbert, West Virginia, convinced the Bush campaign to invest resources in his home state.

Democrats had taken West Virginia in 14 of the 17 previous presidential elections. Clinton and Gore carried the state by 14 points in 1996.

But Johnson and Harless and others worked hard and flipped the state Republican, winning by 6 points.

Now what is this nonsense that Trump cannot flip blue states?
Ten of the 15 states Trump listed went to Obama in 2012. They represent 204 of the 332 Electoral College votes he won.

Obama took New York by 28 points, California by 23, Maine by 20, Michigan by 9, Wisconsin by 7, Minnesota by 7, New Hampshire by 5, Pennsylvania by 5, Virginia by 4, Ohio by 3, and Florida by 1. Thus, seven are closer than the 14-gap Bush closed to win West Virginia in 2000. If Trump keeps Romney's states and flips those seven, he will beat Clinton or Sanders 332-216.

If he wins like that, Trump also will have completed Barack Obama's destruction of the Democratic Party. Obama did it at the state level. Trump will do it nationally.


  1. Big D, I feel like you and DJT are giving away secrets right now. I WANT to see the look on Demmie faces in November after they get their sorry asses handed to them. You're ruining the surprise, brother...

    1. Maybe the two Dons are calling their shots because they are of the opinion that they want to do the Dems slooowly.

      "Okay, this next shot is in two parts, making the eight-ball ... guess who that is ... in the corner pocket."

  2. And I'd like to thank Mssr. Surber for reminding us that the Reps are doing quite well the lower down the legislative totem pole you go. Trump could indeed complete the cleaning of the clock at the upper level.

  3. The Big Dog is just warning the Democrats not to take any state for granted in the coming election, that they will have to spend time and money defending EVERY state, whether blue or not. He wants them to spread their campaign resources thin across the entire country and not be able to concentrate them in force in particular battleground states. He's not going to let them relax. He's starting a cattle stampede. Donald is going to move 'em on out, round 'em all up, rawhide!

  4. If they can take those states, we may be looking at the first all-state sweep since 1820.

  5. And Mr. Trump has spent very little through the primaries. I do not know what the campaign finance limits are, but he should be good with that. Along with his ability to create news wherever he goes, he won't be in a complete media doldrums over summer.

    This is such a wild ride.

    - Mikey NTH

  6. The adrenaline rush from this campaign season is becoming a narcotic. By broadcasting his intention of making a play for so many states, Trump threw down the gauntlet for crooked Hillary to try to keep up... It will be hard for her to keep up when she has to take frequent naps to recuperate. And Bernie, his freeloading supporters will have to work to pay their meals and gas money to keep up...

  7. Memorial Day 2016 - Freedom Isn't Free!