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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trump ad shows what media hid

Back in 2004, Karl Rove beat John Kerry with one quote -- a quote the media had ignored.

It happened in Huntington, West Virginia, on March 16, 2004, when John Kerry said:
 "I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it."
None of the reporters covering the event reported the quote. It was the only time in the campaign that Kerry said that. But Rove's camera crew that stalked Kerry's campaign did catch it. Rove put it in the ad. America saw what a weasel Kerry was, voting to send troops to Afghanistan, and then voting against funding them. That wasn't a flip-flop. That was political manipulation, using the troops to push his agenda while they were in combat and under fire.

I asked a reporter who covered the event why he did not use the quote. He said they all thought the line was odd.

But no one used it.

That was 12 years ago. This year, the media sloughed off the riots by anti-Trump Democrats.

Trump hasn't.

You see the rioters attacking a police car and burning the flag in the Trump video. To be sure, that is news footage, but it never was as big a deal to the pundits as Trump posing as his own PR man a quarter-century ago (but Benghazi is ancient history).

Trump ain't playing games. To be fair, neither did Karl Rove. At least in 2004.


  1. Yes, it will be a very interesting election season.

  2. Oh.
    That was good.

    Was it good for the rest of you?

    Because it was good for me.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. The shots of Trump's plane taking off and his helicopter landing are intended to draw a connection in each viewer's mind with AF-1 and Marine-1. They are intended to get voters used to thinking of Trump as having already won the election and being the actual president. He's the master of persuasion. Could anyone see Hillary's campaign team putting out a similar ad and making it work? I can't. If she released a Trumpian kind of ad, the Bernie Bros would go ape over it.

    1. I agree, especially the helicopter. The moment I saw that I thought that it was in that ad to make him look presidential.

      Who else do we routinely see exiting from a helicopter wearing a suit?

      In addition, having clinched his party's nomination while Clinton is still wrestling with Bernie Sanders over her's makes Trump look strong while Clinton is looking weak.

  4. Imagine being one of the "BURN THE FLAG!" shouting cadre in that video if it becomes a recurrent theme that helps elect President Trump. They'd have to go into a witness protection program to save them from their own fellow Leftards.

    Don't you see the pity we'll have for them then? You don't? Hey, can we get an electron microscope over here?

  5. Alright, here is something else:

    He used a Ghandi quote to position himself as the outsider.

    Sweet Savior, he used the saint of the Left against the Left.

    What's next? The St. Crispin's Day Speech?

    Perhaps Mark Twain?

    Look - the Democrats are going up against a master marketer and they have Hillary who fears being over-shadowed by her VP selection.

    Mr. Trump? Please...could we have a Las Vegas Revue act before bringing you on stage to accept the nomination? Because why not? Why not make this a complete American Hullabaloo? We created that, we promoted that, we carried it around the world - let us have a crass, crazy, silly, dilly, willy-nilly celebration and spectacle in Cleveland!

    Because - why not? At 50 I'm really just here for the fun.

    - Mikey NTH

  6. I wrote about the Kerry quote at the time.

  7. At the end of this election campaign, I'd like to see a time-lapse sequence of Clinton from, say, now until November.

    I think, as the prospect of the Presidency slips away from her, the sense of impending doom ... that is, the FBI coming calling ... is going to start to show on her face.

    We're talking BRITTLE!

    1. I'm still pretty sure that Clinton won't be convicted or indicted. If the feds really *do* get ready to recommend prosecution, she'll have a medical episode and, "with great regret" withdraw from the race. At that point investigations will be halted, Obama may or may not give her a prophylactic pardon, but she'll be able to become a respected elder statesman of the Democratic party.

  8. The image of the long walkway over to the stage evoked a very strong feeling of Trump's power. I can't figure out why. Maybe as it comes close after the violent part. Or maybe the music changes. But, oh wow!

    1. This is what you get when you don't use cookie-cutter ads from some DC consultant, and actually create something fresh from scratch. He has a command presence. That's the deal