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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Shecky Clinton impersonates Trump

Shecky Greene turned 90 on April 8. God bless him. I loved him when I was a kid. Too bad he lived to see this.

 The plan is to make the election a referendum on Trump


  1. What type of "jobs" did President Bill Clinton do in the White House? (just sayin')

  2. Sheldon Greene is still alive?

    You made my day. He was, and probably still is, a very funny guy.

  3. He's alive? Then he's one up on FrankenHillary. Ain't enough lightning in the world to kickstart THAT brain.

  4. Very substantive critique there Missus Thangamajang.

  5. Hillary Clinton admits that Donald Trump dominates this presidential election. She tries to snark at him, but she knows that he is running ahead of her.

    You know, all of this heart-ache could have been cured if she had been on the Homecoming Court in high school. She would have been on the float, in a satin dress with the other cool, hip girls, white gloves to her elbows, holding a bouquet, waving as applause and cheers and flash-bulbs wet off. Just that little bit and a spotlight dance with one of the football players, a hunky one - and imagine how much drama we would have missed. She would have gone home with a stupid grin on her face, smeared make-up, and a disheveled dress, and then she would have come home and had her own little law practice of wills and trusts while her husband worked his insurance agency into the best in the Tri-County area.

    But no. She was snubbed four years in a row and the acid of that rejection burned into the place that once housed her soul. Thus we have what we have.

    - Mikey NTH

    1. Ugh...Mikey..get back on your game at some point, man. Hillary did Webb for money, got Chelsea, and then was done with men. Wake up, brother.

  6. With any luck, Shecky never saw this.

  7. Was just at a bookstore. Saw Trump on two magazine covers and a book without trying to look for him.