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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Sanders 45, Clinton 37 in West Virginia

West Virginia Democrats hate the Clintons. Just hate them. She will not do as well as Barack Obama did in the West Virginia Democratic Primary in 2012, when he bested Keith Russell Judd 59% to 41%.

OK, Judd was in prison at the time, which hampered his campaigning.

Bill and Hillary faced boos and pickets when they tried to campaign here this week.

Public Policy Polling today revealed why: West Virginia Democrats prefer Bernie Sanders, 45% to 37%. The primary is next Tuesday.

From PPP:
The 18% of voters who are undecided is unusually high and speaks to the number of registered Democrats in West Virginia who don't really identify with the national party at this point. Among the undecideds Sanders has a 15/77 favorability rating and Clinton's even worse off at 12/84 so there may end up being a decent mass of voters who just don't vote for either of the candidates.
Trump is up 61% to 22% over Cruz. Kasich has 14%

In West Virginia, the only presidential candidate whose favorables are higher than his unfavorables is Trump. 67% of Republicans in West Virginia like him. 24% do not.

I wonder how many of that 18% of Democrats who are undecided will vote for Judd for old times sake.


  1. Even in Oregon Trump is way up-with a number
    of dems admitting that there is no way they
    would vote for the cackling, cankled, crank.
    TG McCoy

  2. Saying she would shut down coal mines and bankrupt coal companies is not a good way to win votes in WVA. Then, she claimed that remark was "taken out of context" and when that didn't work, she said she "misstated". Why any WVA coal miner would vote for Cankles or for any Dimocrat is beyond me.

  3. How many coal miners, and ex coal miners, have left the Dem demolition?

  4. The Commie Coda to the two decade Clinton Bass Solo.