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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Opponents raised $701 million to lose to Trump, who raised just $17 million

Republican fat-cat donors and lobbyists need a T-shirt that reads:
I donated $701,293,230 and all I got was this lousy "Make America Great Again" hat.
Trump's opponents raised 40 times what he did.

OK, not all of the $701,293,230 the 16 other candidates raised came from fat-cats and lobbyists. Grandmas on fixed incomes sent in checks for $10 as well. But if Donald Trump proved anything this campaign season, it is that ideas matter more than money, focus groups, consultants, and ads, ads, ads.

The reform of American politics has already begun. Trump has shown rich fat cats no longer can buy a nomination.

Nine opponents raised more money than Trump did as he raised $17,502,314 and loaned his campaign another $43,454,544. If you count his own money as a donation (the FEC considers such donations a loan), five of the losers still out-raised him.

Trump's ability to draw large crowds and his willingness to sit for interviews with every news outlet available meant he did not have to pay for media. He didn't have to say "please clap" because the audience was roaring.

In fact, Ted Cruz turned down any interviews outside the conservative media. He thought his donors could buy him the nomination. Cruz only posed as an outsider. He was No. 1 in sucking up to the Big Money donors as he collected $156,785,520. If you lived and worked in Washington for 15 of your 20 years as an adult, you might be an insider. You may be an unpopular one, but you are an insider nonetheless.

Right behind Cruz was Bush, raising $155,195,711.

But bless their hearts, members of the Fourth Estate still do not understand what is happening before their very eyes. They now say Trump is in trouble because he has fallen behind Hillary Clinton who still has $76,639,546 left of that $289,073,368 she raised, not including the Clinton Foundation which was used to launder millions raised illegally from foreign countries to keep her campaign staff on the payroll in the intervening years between her 2008 campaign and the official resumption of her pursuit of the White House last year.

The media reports are sad.

From Rick Newman:
Donald Trump holds his first political fundraiser this week, in Albuquerque, N.M. He’s only a year behind Hillary Clinton.
Trump, on his way to becoming the Republican nominee for president, has dismissed traditional big-money fundraising since he announced his candidacy last summer, saying he doesn’t want to owe favors to rich people financing his campaign. Up until now, Trump has personally provided about 75% of the money his campaign has spent, with donations of $2,700 or less funding the other 25%.
But even billionaire Trump lacks the liquid assets to fund a competitive campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the general election, which is why Trump changed his financing plan and will now seek six- and seven-figure sums from wealthy donors. His very late start, however, will probably hamper his fundraising all the way through November and lower his election odds.
From New York magazine:
Given that Democrats reportedly plan to hit Trump with $20 million in negative advertising before the GOP convention this July, and some of the GOP’s biggest donors may sit out this election, Trump needs to resolve the fundraising question. In part to quell this uncertainty, Trump’s convention manager, Paul Manafort, plans to hold a senior staff meeting at Trump Tower in the coming days to strategize all aspects of the campaign, including fundraising, advertising, and messaging. This week, Trump hired money manager Steven Mnuchin to head up his fledgling fundraising apparatus. "We’re entering a new phase, and we want to get everyone on the same page," Manafort told me. "The purpose of the meeting is to start framing everything for the general."
Money is nice, but Hillary cannot do TV. Trump can. Advantage Trump.

All financial data used in this report are courtesy of Open Secrets.

What the Bittersweet 16 raised in their failed efforts to become the Republican presidential nominee:

Cruz: $156,785,520

Bush: $155,195,711

Rubio: $116,706,309

Carson: $78,963,007

Kasich: $34,218,571

Walker: $32,448,427

Christie: $31,948,869

Fiorina: $26,497,652

Paul: $22,957,517

Perry: $16,658,201

Huckabee: $10,165,407

Graham: $9,983,418

Jindal: $5,959,671

Santorum: $2,079,324

Gilmore: $725,626

Pataki: Not listed by Open Secrets.

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  1. Finally, a candidate who wins with ideas rather than dollars. I hope it starts a trend. - Elric

    1. Not to mention, talking straight from the shoulder

  2. When they complain when you do it your way and win instead of doing it their way and lose, you're doing it right.

  3. It's rather like reading those Gernan reports of "smashing Wehrmacht victories over the Red Army" ... in 1945.

  4. Assuming Trump wins the Presidency, he will be, if I am not mistaken, the first President since Truman (?) Who is not a career politician and a lawyer.

    1. Truman was a local politician from 1922 and spent 10 years in the Senate before being tapped for Roosevelt's VP. In addition to being a member of the Party of the Klan, he was a member of the Pendergast Political Machine in Kansas City (Democratic are corrupt. Who knew?)

      The last non-politician/non-lawyer president was Eisenhower who only held one elected office in his life. He did some kind of community organizing in Europe before that. Nothing worthy of note.

  5. I got an email from Ed Rollins' superpac two days ago, asking for money for Trump. It actually kind of pissed me off. DON'T run TV ads, Mr. Trump! Everyone knows you already. If he could tell me that a contribution would be for jet fuel, staff hours, stuff like that, fine. But not for TV ads. Those bastiches need to be starved...

    Hillary ain't gonna be the nominee anyways. Joe Biden. Joe Mama. Joe Sistah. Book it.

  6. Don - re"The Fouth Estate doesn't understand..." They don't care. To quote Michael Savage, "The Fourth Estate has become a fifth column." As I always say, "They are the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party."