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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Now for Hillary

Having destroyed the Republican Party, Donald Trump now sets his sights on destroying the Democratic Party. The hard part for him is over. Of the 16 Republicans he defeated, Jeb was the only one with a shot. He had the money, the best record, and the organization. Hillary can be defeated. Here's why.

1. She represents the worst part of a corrupt and incompetent administration. Her accomplishments as secretary of state were the rise of Putin, the rise of the Islamic State, and the collection of foreign bribes through the Clinton Foundation.

2. She is not a liked lady.

3. She is a terrible campaigner.

But the most important tool in his arsenal is that photo of the Clintons and the Trumps.

He knows her. He paid for her services. She can be bought. He can't. That means something in a nation that is broken. The president failed to protect us. Congress failed to protect us from him. The Supreme Court failed to protect us from him and Congress. And yet this woman and the rest raked the money in and partied with billionaires like it was 19-99.

I laugh at the proposal that a nation in times of peril will turn to the wife of a good-time Charlie president's whose chief accomplishment was seducing an intern. But that is the conventional wisdom from Washington this morning.

Elsewhere? From Roger L. Simon:
I wouldn't want to be Mrs. Clinton at this moment. Her dreams of justifying her years of personal  humiliation with a presidential victory are about to be thrashed as thoroughly as were those of the fifteen other Trump competitors on the Republican side.
We will hear about polls, and the same people who swore last year he cannot win the nomination will insist he cannot win this year.

Maybe they are right this time.

Ask them the odds he won't win.

Then say OK, let's bet. I doubt they will offer to give you the odds they just cited.

The race will more likely be close than not be close. And Trump could lose. I have been wrong before.

But Americans know they are in danger if they continue down this path to socialism -- a nation run by incompetents with Harvard and Yale degrees, who can be bought; just write out the check to the Clinton Foundation.


  1. You're right Don, that picture does say much about the Clintons.

    The cheesy smiles on Bill and Hillary's faces says "for hire".
    The knowing look on the Donald's face says 'the hired entertainment is performing as expected.'

    Any way you cut it, the clinton's very nature gives them away .

    Those two are about a mile wide and an inch deep.

  2. Big D, I respectfully disagree. Trump is gonna win the general by roughly the same electoral numbers that Reagan beat Carter in 80. About ten points nationally. CA, NY, NJ, PA, CT...all go Donald. FLA is a layup. DubVee is a slam dunk. This is gonna be a trouncing. In fact, her coughing fits and shock loss in IN may well have her underwriters wondering if they've picked the right filly. Joe Biden, call your office...

  3. On to Hillary, but after spending the last few months calling every non-Trumpster a cuckservative or GOPe, the Trump clan may want to engage in some serious outreach.

  4. It should be a snap. The Democratic Party has done a pretty good job of destroying itself. When their two main candidates is a choice between a congenital liar, opportunist, unconcerned about security to the point of treason Hillary and the openly Socialist give 'em everything free Bernie, who wouldn't vote for Trump? - Elric

  5. Nothing is easy.

    Reagan's victory in '80 was more of a near-run thing than some realize. Had the nets not called the race over while the West was still voting, it might have been closer.

    But, yes, Hillary is one of the most vulnerable candidates the demos have ever run, largely because they've done what the Whigs have been doing for 25 years.

    Nominating somebody because it was their turn.

  6. "1. She represents the worst part of a corrupt and incompetent administration. Her accomplishments as secretary of state were the rise of Putin, the rise of the Islamic State, and the collection of foreign bribes through the Clinton Foundation."

    She'll blame them on BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!
    Trump will say "You and Obama blamed everything on Bush. You were there four years of his eight--and you're TOO LATE. You did NOTHING to fix what you were complaining about. OWN IT."

  7. Just had a Muslim patient tell me he voted for Trump. I don't think this will be all that difficult.

  8. I'm still of the opinion the Democrat Party is nervous about her chances of 1. being elected, 2. being indicted, and will conclude she cannot win, thus in desperation at the very last moment will draft Joe Biden as their candidate, who will be much harder to defeat.

  9. With all the commentary about Trump's win and the collapse of first Cruz and now Kasich no one seems to be looking at Bernie's decisive win over Shrillary and what it portends. Super delegates may begin to get antsy about her actual chances. Interesting weeks ahead.

  10. All Trump has to do is say to his target audience, "If not now, when? You think you'll get a better deal by waiting another twenty years, by which time America will be unrecognisable?"

    Kind of a "last, best hope" thing.

  11. If Trump plays defense until Hillary's nomination, then he is waiting to indict and try her in the court of public opinion. The InJustice Dept branch of the Democratic Party has to weigh their loyalty to the Party over Country, protecting their crone mother, and the possibility that every Democrat in the country gets to wear her as proof that the Democratic Party is just an organized crime syndicate masquerading as a political party. Trump was never my choice. But the greatest risk of all the losers was that they would Romney the campaign because they didn't want to look mean. To his credit, that was never a risk with Trump.

  12. As noted right up front, the Clintons (as well as the entire Democrat party) are corrupt. Remember that--corrupt. So when Trump is destroyed by the MSM and the voters in November, don't turn around and blame conservatives for voting Libertarian or not voting for the Chump. He'll have lost on his own effort and the Diebolt machines run by the Democrat Party.