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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Is Never Trump a cult of no personality?

Until about 10 months ago, I never heard of Rick Wilson. He is a "Republican strategist" which is the cable news equivalent of "area man." He's got a bald noggin that looks good on him. But he is a rather venal, sneering commentator who evidently is the go-to man whenever a cable news anchor needs someone to say the latest nontroversy has killed Trump's candidacy, leveled Trump Tower, and sewn salt in the rubble.

To say Wilson is batting .091 is to give him .091 too much credit.

But Wilson is a big deal among Washington insiders so they follow him on Twitter and I follow them and he tweets stupid stuff all the time, which they filter, distilling and retweeting only the dumbest of his tweets. On Friday, he lit into a nontroversy that Trump pretended to be his own spokesman in 1991. This was the first finding of the exhaustive research by a 20-reporter team of the Washington Post.

Wilson tweeted: "Trump's denial of making the call is a test of his cult."

So in addition to whelping our children with the wisdom of a stray dog, as the writer for the National Review wrote in March, we are now members in a cult. Because heaven forbid that we should not care about something of such insignificance from 25 years ago.

Meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg retweeted this from a fellow in Dallas:
That joke's so old, the last time I heard it, I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur.

OK, maybe my Yugo.

It is a ripoff of a skit from 36 years ago, on Saturday Night Live when liberals at a party began suddenly giving testimonials to a President-elect Reagan, with Paul Schaffer of David Letterman fame singing "Blowin' The Wind" except the final line is, "The answer my friend, is Ronald Reagan, the answer is Ronald Reagan."

The punchline is that they all emerged from pods right out of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

The idea that Trump is a cult of personality is how these losers make up for the fact that they cannot make a cogent argument against The Wall or against re-examining international free trade agreements and mutual defense treaties, such as NATO. Never Trump suffers intellectual sclerosis, just as their counterparts on the left do. And so they act like the left, down to recycling old Reagan gags.


  1. This is the line the Cruzzers put out from Day One, so Roe and the rest of them were always mobbed up.

    No surprises.

    As is the fact that the One True Ted is still poaching delegates.

  2. NeverTrumpers have all the worst traits of Obama supporters.

  3. As with all the great life questions, one should always ask, "How would one play a hand like this at the Bridge table?"

    My Complete Moron's Guide To Bridge Bids maintains that "you cannot count distributional points when you intend to play in notrump".

    So there you have it. The Never Trump approach looks set to become a real loser strategy, airplay-wise.

  4. And their new friends on the Left will throw them away as quickly as they threw away those "GOP Insiders" who disparaged Sarah Palin after she resigned the Alaskan governorship.

    - Mikey NTH

  5. "Republican strategist" is an oxymoron.

    Q: How do you "strategize" to lose elections?
    A: Ask a Republican.


  6. Whoa! Just noticed the shiny new look here. Don has obviously spent the morning hanging curtains for Mrs. S and redecorating the Web site. Nice. Clean. Yep.

    1. Thanks. Just posted it. When I get my cover for the book, it goes up there

    2. Perhaps a new blog title is in order as well. I would suggest "Pathological Liars Make Wonderful Presidents"

      That would have much more pizzazz than "Don Surber," and then other Trump Trolls can join you here and stay off the Conservative websites.

    3. If by other conservative sites you mean stuck ups who would rather lose than admit they missed the boat on Trump, knock yourself out. I am trying to figure out what conservative value there is in pilfering delegates another guy won. Hold your nose high and Never Trump to your heart's content, but trust me, he wins, she loses and America comes off the canvas, bigger, stronger and better.

    4. Gad, you planning to vote for Hill or Bern? Hill may not be a pathological liar, but she SEEMS to be on, and has years of practice. Bern, well, he's a Socialist, and those with eyes that see know how well Socialism kills countries and people.

  7. I butted heads with Rick Wilson before getting off Twitter. The guy is a complete sellout. I actually think he's a Dem plant. Anybody who thinks his views are still valid is an enemy, as far as I'm concerned. He's sold his soul and will vote for Hill. Pathetic effer.