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Friday, May 20, 2016


Conservatives caught Facebook rigging its newsfeed to appease liberals. Mark Zuckerberg brought in some conservatives to give him cover. Glenn Beck met with and subsequently praised Zuckerberg no end.

It is a nontroversy to me.

From Time:
QUESTION: What was your reaction to the meeting with Facebook Wednesday?
BECK: I thought it was great. I thought they were sincere. And as I was leaving, I thought: “What company has done that with conservatives?” Especially a media company. Right now Target is telling me that my wife or my daughter has to go into a bathroom where there might be a strange man, and I can either like it or shop someplace else. Here’s Facebook, a much larger global corporation, sitting down with conservatives and saying: “I think there’s a problem, and one of the problems is you don’t trust us, and we want to work with you to build that trust.” 
I haven’t gotten a call from the Washington Post or Google or Twitter or The New York Times ever saying: “Let’s sit down with a group of you so we can understand what your thoughts and feelings are and where you’re headed and how we can help.” I thought it was amazing.
And there was this:
QUESTION: Thursday morning you posted a poll to your Facebook page asking whether moral standards change with the times. How do you think moral standards for social media platforms need to change with the times?
BECK: That was one of the conversation I had with Ev Williams yesterday. He’s a guy who’s a big Obama supporter. And I was obviously not. And we talked about how do we bring the country together. How do we get people not to be so vitriolic and return to reason?
And I think it’s going to be difficult, but I think if people on both sides of the aisle — and especially powerful leaders in the media — set an example, we might be able to return to those values and standards that we used to have just inherently — that we listed to each other and treated each other with dignity.
That was what was so impressive yesterday at Facebook. They said to us the exact opposite of what it feels like to a conservative that the media and even the Republican Party have said. The Republican Party has said: “Conservatives, you don’t belong here. And we’re not really listening. And because of that you don’t really have control over your own life.”
And what Facebook said yesterday was: “You do belong here. We are listening to you. And with the right AI, you will have control over your information and what you view.”
And that’s what people are looking for now. And if we can do that and start opening up pathways to a dialogue, we will change the world.
So what is happening here?

Beck's business is in trouble. Last month he laid of 40 people. Sad.

Maybe Zuckerberg gives him an infusion of cash through some investment. Maybe not.

Maybe Beck really thinks the SJWs at Facebook like him better than the Republican Party does.

We shall see.


  1. Libertarians have lots more in common with Lefty Democrats, anyway.

  2. I kinda liked Glenn when he had a show on Fox. Since then he's transmogrified into I know not what. He lost me. - Elric

  3. I think beck's brain problem has resurrected.

  4. Glenn Beck is going broke so he's selling himself to Satan Mc Faceberg to be his company's "conservative beard".

    He already sold his soul to his Cruzmessiah and his "donors".

  5. Talk talk. Lie lie. Guess guess. I'm going with BS BS.

  6. Beck never had me.IMHO- he was mainly responsible for Cruz' demise
    as a candidate. Whe Cruz' beBecked
    himself it was done.
    Beck's ridiculous messianic talk
    was pathetic. Along with Pappy Cruz. People are not going to buy
    that. We already have dealt with
    the reign of "the Won..." TG McCoy