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Saturday, May 28, 2016

DC catches on about Crooked Clinton

I see where Chuck Todd has finally figured out why Hillary Clinton sent official emails from a private serve: to dodge FOIA requests.

She did so because some of the emails were connected to foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, which served as Hillary's campaign-staff-in-exile between the 2008 election and this year.

I saw this a mile away in Poca, West Virginia, last summer. Of course, people in Washington are too focused on the Kerfuffle du jour to see the big picture. Motive is an element the prosecution must prove in any crime

The FBI is working diligently in a manner practiced and perfected over the last near century. The extradition of the Romanian hacker Guccifer as well as the indictment of Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia — a longtime Clinton flunkie — are pieces of the puzzle.

From Chuck Todd:
The most logical explanation is she wanted to make it harder for the press and Congress to see her correspondence, so they made FOIA requests more difficult by doing what? Making sure it wasn't on a government server, putting in a private server. And, at the — that’s the part of this — the idea of convenience, I've never been able to accept that, because what’s convenient about having a server in your house?
It was a dumb mistake because classified email are not subject to FOIA. In short, she did not need this deception, but because she did use deception, it could cost her dearly.

I posted this at 3:01 PM on August 23, 2015:

Hillary's just too dumb

I ceased blogging about Hillary Clinton in June when I realized she will not win the nomination. The e-mail scandal cooked this goose. She is fried like a PC after a power surge. As the drip, drip, drip of the scandal turns to rain, let us review just how stupid the whole set-up was.

First, the diehard lefty reaction is that this was a bad-ass move.

No, it was a stupid move.

The Clintons set up a tax-exempt foundation to finance a campaign-in-waiting, which foreign governments could legally donate to the campaign. Clever. It became too-clever-by-half when the Clintons decided to her private email to conduct official business. Their reasoning was you could not FOIA a private server. They remembered what happened to Sarah Palin, who was chased out of office by the Obama regime, which through a surrogate filed 26 bogus ethics complaints about her. The release of the Palin emails marked a new low.

But what they overlooked was classified material is exempt from FOIA. Just mark everything classified and no one ever gets her email.

What they overlooked was the illegality of sending classified material through a private account. That's illegal. Right now there is a prima facie case of espionage if she sent one classified email in a private email to one donor.

This is not Whitewater or Lewinsky. After a lifetime of getting away with felonies, Hillary faces serious trouble. No special prosecutor is needed. Barack Obama has no love for the Clintons and will gladly prosecute.


  1. When they lost the skills of Morris and the unwavering protection of the media, all it took was one more screw-up.

  2. "But what they overlooked was classified material is exempt from FOIA. Just mark everything classified and no one ever gets her email"

    Not quite right, I think, although the main thesis is correct. Hillary had the option of using her home-brew server strictly for her personal email in order to keep secret the selling of favors to foreigners in return for "donations" (i.e., payoffs) to the CFF while using the State Dept. network for her official government correspondence. She had an easy way to keep her personal and official correspondence separate but chose not to. The question is why she took a risky approach with so much danger if she were exposed. Perhaps, simply out of arrogance, she thought she could get away with doing something that had already worked for her before, i.e., if it worked once, it would work again.

    Now if she had used the government computer system for her personal correspondence and marked those messages "Classified," that material might well have ended up being included among the records State was legally obligated to preserve and send over to the National Archives. She had no guarantee at the start of her appointment at State taht she would have total control of the email review process when she left. For all she knew, State might have insisted upon her exit that one of their own officials, not Hillary, conduct the review. Clearly, she would never have wanted her incriminating private email letters to be read by anyone other than her two closest aides, Abedin or Mills. Nor would she have wanted her secret emails to end up in a public repository where they could be viewed by historians and researchers and eventually be released to the public.

    1. PS: Also, any emails that went through the government computer network were probably backed up to the State Department's main server, over which Hillary had absolutely no control. The backups would have preserved the very incriminating emails she clearly did not want anyone to see.

  3. She will look good in an orange jumpsuit.

  4. Nope. Setup was to keep O admin from snooping.

  5. Hillary For Prison. Simple messages are the best, especially on t shirts.

  6. Classified information is like plutonium.

    If you've got any sense, you store it behind shielding in a secure facility, and above all, you store it in sub-critical units, to prevent criticality accidents. You don't just dump it all out in the open in a convenient spot. Or in a "convenience", as it were.

    Just be thankful she's not in charge of the Dept of Energy, or they'd be calling her "Proliferatin' Hillary" Clinton.

  7. Hillary's supporters make excuses for her by saying she did what previous SoS had done. Yes, previous occupants of the office occasionally used private email accounts to carry out government business, but I don't recall hearing Rice or Powell admitting they had set up private email servers in their homes as the normal email accounts for their government correspondence. In terms of their transgressions, it's a matter of degree. What Rice and Powell did was minor compared to what Lying Hillary did.

  8. Sorry, but she will never, ever be indicted. Just won't happen. Just another part of the great lawlessness that is pervasive in the country right now. That is why so many people are down right angry in America.