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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cruz quits, just as I said he would early this morning

Byron York noted that Cruz would stay in Indiana on primary night unlike past primaries when he moved onto the next.

I wish him the best.

Now to finish my post-nomination book.


  1. Why would you wish the best to that lying, cheating, barely-conservative establishment shill?

    In a similar spirit, I'm happy for you that Trump's nomination will improve sales of your book.

  2. Perhaps Byron could settle up his lost wager by buying the first copy off the presses?

    After all, it'll be "yuuge". (ie, "Surber-sized")

  3. Good Luck on your book! Just remember to give Mikey NTH all the credit for his farsight in...something or another.

    - Mikey NTH


  4. Will there be room in the book for a color-plate of Bernie's childhood teddy-bear?

  5. Cruz managed to torpedo his own ship.
    The strident, religious nature of his
    campaign recently was not helped by
    Beck the Klown, and Papa who where
    waay out of control. Levin must be
    chewing the carpet tonight.
    Good Call, Don.

    1. oops TG McCoy to that..

  6. Hillary has got to be quivering in her boots - er, pumps. Now all The Donald needs is a good wingman to cover his back and she'll go down in flames. My preference for Vice President: NEWT! - Elric

  7. Saw somewhere a suggestion for either Darth Cheney or Darth Rumsfeld.