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Monday, May 02, 2016

Cheatin Ted steals more delegates

Ted Cruz is a sneaky varmint and poor sport who is stealing delegates from Donald Trump.

Trump supporters kicked the Weasel Cruz's ass in the Arizona primary. Trump got nearly twice as many votes in the winner-take-all primary on March 22.

But on Sunday, Cheatin Ted walked away with 40 of the 58 delegates. Cheatin Ted's staff of liars and thieves even kept former Governor Jan Brewer off the online ballot.

Liberals at Politico chortled: "Trump flops in Arizona delegate fight."

Excuse me, Trump won those delegates outright. Cruz had no business running a slate of delegates. That is cowardly and immoral. The Arizona Republican Party should be ashamed of this sham.

Cruz is a Washington insider who is cheating 10 million Republicans. The better man won the race.

There is a reason Cruz is a politician. He knows he could never make it in business, where a man's word is his bond.


  1. To get those delegates, he has to get in bed with the kind of crooked machines he says he's against.

    He'll stay in until the end, hoping to be a spoiler, but he'll only spoil it for himself.

  2. The Republican primary rules have always been this way, or so they say. The problem with Cruz is not enough people love him. The presidency is all about likeability.Trump has the ability to become more likable as he seems to be unafraid of the PC goons and more interested in helping the country, not himself.Cruz cannot seem to create such a feeling in the mind. His wheeling and dealing only reinforces this perception. If he leave bitterness as his "legacy", where will he go? The political intellectuals like the George Wills of the world hate him as much as Trump. He could end up an astroid,cold iron tumbling around out there far from the sun.

  3. There are stories today that many Cruz delegates are now getting uneasy with him based on the momentum of the Trump train. They don't want to be part of a losing and very messy floor fight at the convention. Cruz may have sold his soul for naught. Apologies to Lucifer.

  4. Don, you seem to be a bit confused about how the whole delegate thing works. Yes, trump won a larger numbers of delegates, which is why they will vote for him in the first round. Cruz is simply convincing the delegates that he's the better choice after they become uncommitted. If you're so certain Trump will pass 1,237 delegates in the first round of voting, then none of the delegate-wrangling matters.

    Rules are rules, and following the rules isn't "cheating" no matter how often Trump supporters whine about it.

    1. It may or may not be "Cheating" per se, but it smells of the "Dirty Lawyer Tricks" that so irritate us as citizens when used to void criminal justice.

    2. Oh bullshit, Ken. Trump won those delegates. This is why Americans hate the Republican Party, the big donors and now, Ted Cruz. Has any other losing candidate been such a spoilsport to game the system like this? I suspect as president he will game the Constitution. It is cheating because Trump won those delegates not only on the first ballot. If Republicans allow Cruz to go into Cleveland and screw up the convention, there will be hell to pay.

    3. Who said Trump didn't win those delegates? I conceded the point.

      The question is, what happens when the delegates can't agree on a nominee on the first ballot? In no case that I'm aware of has then answer ever been "ok, well whoever got the plurality automatically wins".

      Cruz is gunning to be the second choice of the majority of delegates if Trump can't win outright. Abraham Lincoln did the same thing.

      I believe there will be hell to pay if Trump wins the nomination. But I don't throw a hissy fit about it.

    4. Oh Boo Hoo Donnie. They only bigger crybabies than the Never Trumpers are the Trumpers when Donald has been insulted and/or out-maneuvered. Can't wait til Trump files yet another lawsuit [snicker].

      Maybe if Trump and his team knew how the system worked to begin with, Cruz wouldn't be "gaming" it. Hey Donald, just cause you are leading at halftime by a large margin doesn't mean you should leave for the next game right then and there.

      Trump is the prohibited front runner. No denying that. I'm waiting for when the real theater begins when the R convention opens in Cleveland and the first ballot.

    5. "Prohibited" front runner? Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do.

  5. Can someone explain how someone can "steal" delegates? Aren't they obligated to vote for Trump on the first ballot? Or can that be gamed too?

  6. I say "rules my a***". You will have a hard time convincing me that these "rules" are nothing more than an arcane, insider system designed by party apparatchiks to nominate the insider candidate in the event the people nominate the wrong person. Trump spends his time thinking about trade policy, immigration, debt, and fixing the country. Cruz spends his time thinking about how to game the system and do an end run around the people. Ted Cruz, the old outsider taking on the system on the people's behalf. Boy if you swallow that let's talk about the proverbial bridge in Brooklyn....